May 30, 2011


Yesterday my parents had their last visit with Jordyn G.  I can't believe their first set of visits are done.  Saying goodbye was good.  G seems to understand that they will be back for her in the Summer.  Like I said before, she is in one of the best orphanages in her country, so we really have no worries about leaving her there.  We will miss her but we need to leave her there for now.  She was goofy saying goodbye (note the picture below.  The little stink), I'm sure she was just trying to process everything that happened this week,  Meeting your parents for the first time as an 8 year old is a little overwhelming. 

My parents are back in the capital city and after signing some paperwork will be on their way back to Canada.  They get home tomorrow!

As I have mentioned before, this kid hates having her picture taken.  In the above picture you can see my parents holding G's hands down.  Bahaha.

It will be a few more months until we can go back and get Ms. Jordyn G.  Some paperwork needs to get signed and processed here in Canada and we need to wait for a court date in her country.  We do not need to be present for the court date which rocks.  Our lawyer will go for us.  Once she is officially and legally part of the family we will go and bring her home!

Please pray that paperwork will go through quickly and that we can go back to get her in record time!  Also please pray for G, that she will be ready for a family and will truly understand that we will be back.  She has a busy summer in front of her so that should help pass the time for her.

Time to get the girl HOME!!


  1. I am glad things are going well with the adoption. She's going to be such a great addition to your family.

  2. I'm so excited for her and you all! It will be nice when the whole family is together! I praying for safe travels!!

  3. Congratulations Joanna!! We are so very excited for your whole family!


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