May 25, 2011

Metcha day!!

May 25th, 2011.

Today is our 'Metcha day'.  The day that my mom and dad first met The Sister.

And because I know all you want is pictures, I'll humor you and just give you one right away...
Meet my sister, G!!!

I agree, she is precious.

She is very shy and reserved and that is fine.  She is only 8 and my parents are strangers who speak another language.  They were able to go for a walk around town for their visit and she even walked holding my moms hand for a while.  They were able to bring one of her friends along for the visit which helped break the ice.  She is so smart and spunky.  Silly girl, whenever she sees the camera she puts her hand in front of her face so it is hard to get a good picture of her.  Haha.

Ok, now onto what you all really want..Pictures!!

Looking at pictures on the camera with Papa.

Hanging out with Mamo.

LOVE that smile.

We are all head over heals in love with this little girl.  We want her home more than ever!!

It's night now in EE so we won't be hearing anything else tonight.  But tomorrow morning they are having a meeting with the orphanage director (personally I am VERY excited to hear about how that goes!!  he is a great man and I can't wait for us to get some answers from him!) and than in the afternoon they will have G again.  I'm excited to see if she will be more comfortable with them on day 2!

Thank you for all the prayers.  God has been in this first visit for sure.  I am so thankful for how he has lead us to G and to this point in our adoption process!  Hindsight is 20/20!!

Please keep us at home in your prayers also.  As exciting and happy as we are, it is exhausting trying to keep everything running smoothly and keep everyone happy here at home.  It is worth it (If you wonder why just scroll up a little ;) ) but some people are missing The Parents and others are just plain tired.  It has also rained all week and people are starting to go a little crazy inside!  Phew, I'm thinking ice cream for supper is a most...

Love from Canada!

Check out my parents blog: 


  1. You sister is just beautiful. I am very excited for your family. Ice cream for dinner sounds yummy. I think maybe we might opt for that too :)

  2. I cannot handle her cuteness. How on earth will all the cuteness fit inside your house?!?!

  3. Praying things go well! She is absolutely gorgeous! Cannot wait to hear more and see more pictures!

  4. she is just beautiful! congratulations!!


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