May 28, 2011

Orphan Warrior update

There has been a lot going on in the lives of 'my' children on Reece's Rainbow (You can read more about what I am talking about HERE and HERE) so I figured a little update was in order.


Alex is still waiting for a family but his grant has grown a LOT in the last little while.  His 5/5/5 warrior, Amber,  has done a great job in fundraising for him.  His grant is now up to $1633.50! That should pay for his plane ticket home once his forever family finds home and gets to that point in the adoption process!  Woohoo!  There is also a f@cebook page for him here: .  He is now only 4 months away from his 5th birthday.

Melissa also does not have a family yet.  I am actually so heart broken for her right now.  The other day her profile on Reece's Rainbow was moved from the 0-5 page to the 6+ page.  She is now just another face tucked in between all the other older girls.  Her grant is also gone. :(  .  The older children are not usually picked for adoption.  I'm not so sure why.  G (My sister we are adopting from EE) was on that exact page when we found her.  Melissa is still only 5, turning six in June.  She is just a little girl but she is considered 'older' and her chances for a family are disappearing.  Please pray for her.  Her SN is CP and global delays but I'm not sure how severe they are (she looks like she is standing/leaning against something in her picture).  If they are very severe she most likely will be transfered to a mental institute.  Please pray that she will not be transfered to a mental institute, that somehow, she will be spared from that fate.  The older children do not have individual grants but one combined one.  Right now there are 2 grants available for the next two 6+ children committed to on RR.  Melissa is eligible for one of these $5, 000 grants.

And, last but not prayer angel.  I am not an official 'orphan warrior' for her.  I am her 'Prayer warrior' and was matched with her by Reece's Rainbow.  For the last few months she has been hidden away (not on purpose of course) on a page for children in her Region in Russia.  She was not easily seen on the website unless you were looking.  BUT, today she has her own page!!  With a grant fund!!  I am excited that finally, she will be seen and have a greater chance at a forever family.

Please meet:

Check out her new, fancy, individual, family finding page.

I love this girl so much.  I am still convinced that she looks a bit like me.  I will have to go back and find a picture of me when I was 4.  Shannon was born with Down Syndrome   She is available to single moms and older parents, so if you know anyone who would love a little piece of Heaven in their home....

I can't wait to see what God has planned for these 3 children.  They are so special and have so much potential, if someone would just give them a chance.  Please join me in praying for them.


  1. I TOTALLY see the Shannon/Joanna resemblence. Ah-dorable.

  2. I love Melissa. I do want to see her in a family soon. Tressa is in the same area as she is. There was a horrible photo of her, and I couldn't have much hope for her with that. Thankfully, there is a cuter photo of her up now. I do hope a family takes notice of her and takes her in. It would be great if Tressa and Melissa both could get a home together!


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