May 22, 2011

When mom and dad go away...

We eat pancakes for lunch.

We go to the beach. 
 And yes, it was as much fun as it looks *rolls eyes*  The sand was soaked and there were a bazillion mosquitoes.  We didn't stay long and instead headed home to put the sprinkler up in the backyard. 

We blow bubbles.

We pull out the sprinkler..again.

So far so good here at home.  No one has died or gone hungry so I think it is a win-win situation.  We are alive and well and on the other side of the world a little orphan girl is about to meet her parents for the first time.  Hurry up Wednesday!

And, because we have a new pet in our house I think you all should know about....

Meet Kady,

She is a bush baby (If you don't know what that is, do a google search).  In case you couldn't tell by her facial expression.  She has been living in our house a for a week solid now and hasn't shown any sign of leaving.  not that we are complaining.  This bush baby is incredibly cute and funny.  She is a keeper.

2 more days until the parents head out to a certain village to meet G.!!!


  1. My first thought when reading about the beach and mosquitoes... "DON'T GET MALARIA AGAIN!!!" hahaha. :)

    Looks like you're having fun! :D

  2. Oh my! Did I laugh when reading about Katie. So, she's still there? Enjoy that little pet and don't forget to feed her peppermint sticks.

  3. Awesome, sounds and looks like you all are having fun! Love the pictures!


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