Jul 31, 2011

and it begins.

The Weiman parents  left this afternoon for Eastern Europe.  It's crazy for me to know that they are on their way to Stacie (who I have loved and prayed for for over a year!).  It's exciting.  Adoption is crazy and hard, and a little bit more hard and a little bit more amazing. 

The kids are doing awesome so far. 
Don't let this picture fool you, Micah just really did not want to eat his chicken.
Funniest face I have seen in a really long time.

One {half}a day down, 13 {more or less} to go!!

Jul 28, 2011

laptop? check!

My trusty old laptop died on Monday.
It was a sad day.  But I knew it was going to happen some day, I'm actually surprised it lasted that long!

I now have a new one (thanks to my dad who did a quick run into the city to find the best bang for my buck.).  The cool part? What I earned from watching C this month paid for it fully!  God is cool that way.

So now I'm officially ready to board that plane tomorrow.
Bring it on.

Jul 26, 2011


I'm missing Cambodia.
Specifically this girl.

I'm also missing my laptop..because it died yesterday...

But mostly I'm missing Cambodia.

It was the start of so much.
I can't believe all that has happened since that trip 2 years ago.
Blows my mind.

{3 days until I leave for PA!}

Jul 23, 2011

Next week I will be....

In Pennsylvania...
With this sweet family (hi Aislinn!)!!!

And soon, very soon, this precious girl will be in their arms for the first time!!

God is good. 

Jul 21, 2011

on her birthday

I completely forgot I had this picture.  Love. 
I'm so happy we were able to celebrate her birthday with her, even if it was over the computer!  
We are blessed to have been able to 'be there' for Jodryn G's ninth birthday on June 13!

{Jordyn G is on the right.}
can.not.wait to get her home!! 

Jul 15, 2011

Jul 12, 2011

More info and a MOVIE of Aiden!

Note: I did not write this post.  I copied it from a missionary's blog who spent 6 months in Aiden's orphanage loving on him and the other children in his orphanage (You can see them HERE. ).  I'm so thankful for this {awesome} person who worked and loved on this sweet boy.  Please pray for Aiden.  His story breaks my heart.  
He has so much potential!

Imagine living in a world of complete darkness where your only stimulation is the constant noise of crying and yelling and the occasional elbow in the ribs as another child crawls over you in the communal playpen… That is what life is like for Aiden.

Aiden is four-years-old. He has sandy blond hair, gorgeous blue eyes and two of the yummiest cheeks you have ever seen. He is also blind. Sometimes I think that blind children are the ones at the greatest disadvantage in an orphanage. Right from infancy, babies in the orphanage are not held. They are rarely given the opportunity to listen to music. The only stimulation they receive is what they see as they look around their room, watching the other children, etc. But what about the children who cannot see? Theirs is a dark, empty, lonely world.

After four long years of darkness, Aiden has withdrawn into his own little world. He spends his days rolling back and forth on the floor as you can see him doing here. He has done this so often for so long that he has a huge bald patch at the back of his head. He does not like to be held. Instead, he receives comfort and stimulation by poking at his eyes and sucking his fingers raw. 

Aiden was my greatest challenge. He did not like to be held in my arms or sit on my lap and he did not really interact with the toys I would bring. There was one thing that did break through his walls though… he loved to be tickled and would laugh and laugh as I smothered his face with kisses!

When I first met Aiden, he would often walk around the edges of the playpen, holding onto the sides. He had the ability to walk while holding onto someone’s hand but because he did not like to be held on to like that, he would most often refuse to do so. During one of our one-on-one times, I stood Aiden up on his feet and managed to get him to take one or two steps without holding onto anything. The next time he took a few more and before I knew it, he was walking all by himself! It was if he had finally developed enough trust in me to know that I would not let him walk into anything and he was loving his newfound freedom. One day I went up to his room to get one of my other kids and there he was walking around the playpen, not holding onto anything, just smiling and laughing. It was one of the greatest moments of my trip…

The sad reality is, blind children are often the last to be chosen. Out of the 500 children that have been adopted through Reece’s Rainbow over the past five years, so far only three of them have been blind. I understand the fear, the idea of not being able to see is a concept that is hard for most of us to wrap our minds around. I myself wonder if/how I could parent a child with severe visual impairment. Then I read the stories of others with visual impairment who are simply living their lives doing most of what I can do and more and I am reminded that blindness is only a limiting disability if you let it be. I worry that Aiden’s visual impairment along with his more significant delays will put him at the bottom of the list when it comes to being chosen for adoption. I so don’t want that to be the case. Even if you’re not being called to adopt Aiden yourself, you can help him find his family by spreading the word, donating to his grant fund and remembering him in your prayers. Will you help me make sure this little man has the chance to live a life of joy, meaning and potential? For more information or to donate, click here.

Jul 10, 2011

A 'C' filled weekend

I spent a ton of time with C again this weekend.  She was here Saturday, I was at her house Saturday night, she was at my house again today.  Even yesterday afternoon when we officially had a few hours apart we kept bumping into each other at the fair.  I'm exhausted but it was good.  I officially love this kid.

What's not to love?

Today at church she asked what we were doing and I whispered that we were singing.  Ohh, okay, that is something  she knows how to do.  She spent the next song and a half singing "twinkle, twinkle little star" and the spider man theme song.  Did I mention our church is really, really tiny?  And that she wasn't singing quietly?  
Yup, I love her.

Jul 8, 2011

This face

With every..

New picture I see..

I fall deeper in love..

with this face.


This sweet girl's adoption grant fund is still at $0.  Can you please help the spread the word to change that?

Jul 7, 2011

Someone had a birthday

This boy!!

My only little brother.  I love him, but whats not to love?  He is super cute, uh, I mean handsome. 
I can't believe he is 10 already!!

He is such a good brother and has been so good about us working to bring Jordyn home, even though she is another girl.  He has such a sweet heart.  A while back he bought a stack of Bibles with his own money to give to people that are not Christians.  He is the real deal.

This little guy is over at our house a lot..and at random times too.  I love it.  He plays so nice with Abby and with Josh (and I'm sure he will have a thing or two to teach Jordyn G once she comes home!).  He came over today to eat cake with us. :)

Opening presents. 

(can I just mention how funny I find this picture?  I'm thinking the cake was a hit.)

Happy Birthday Joshua!!  I love you so so much!!
I hope you have an awesome year!

Jul 6, 2011

Babysitting, dogs, and grandparents

This last week has been a busy one!  Last week a mom called me wanting me to watch her daughter.  I said yes..of course  I used to babysit a lot for a few different families but between them moving away and me going to Africa, I had been out of the babysitting 'loop' in my area for the last while.  But I'm back.  *k'ching*

Meet C.  I have her weekends and stay over at her house some nights while her mom works.  She is hilarious.   She makes me laugh so hard.   I don't know what makes her so funny to me, maybe it is her attitude.

Like I said...attitude!

I enjoy her, and I get paid to watch her.  Win/win

I also have been working at an organic garden weeding the vegetables.  That has been, uh, interesting.  lets just say that me and sun with out sunscreen, don't mix.  At.all.  I'll spare you the lovely details.  
I don't enjoy this job and would be running far away if it wasn't for the money.  Sigh.  But you have to do what you have to do!

moving on...

Back in January both me and my sister-in-law got puppies.  They are both part of the same breed and are actually the exact same age (we got them from different cities and at different times too!!).  They haven't seen each other since they were puppies but the other day when we went to visit my brother and sil we decided to take Eddie (my dog) along to see what they would do together.  They had a blast and spent the whole time running around outside.

Eddie, the black dog, is mine.  And Emmit, the white one, is my sister-in-laws dog. 

I like him a lot.  He is such a good dog and is very low maintenance..which I love.  
Plus, he is super cute.

I shot a gun.

And Josh shot a gun.

My grandparents are out visiting us this week.  They live on the other side of the country so we don't see them nearly as much as we would like.  My sister-in-law met them for the first time.  The grandparents were not able to make it to my brothers wedding last year so it was cool for them to finally meet.  My brother is the cool one, and my grandparents are the spring chickens, and my sil is the pregnant one.  I don't think I have mentioned it on here yet but that is my first niece/nephew jumping around in her tummy!!

We have been having a blast with the grandparents.  I love them.  They are so good to us.  They also have amazing stories from when they were younger.  My family was very much in the midst of WW2 and seeing as we are German, well, the stories you read in books?  That was us...almost.  If that makes sense. 
I wish we lived closer.

I'm off to eat ice cream, because everyone needs a little ice cream in their life.
I hope you all had an awesome Canada Day/4th of July!
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