Aug 31, 2011

Two birthdays, One day.

This is my sister.  Her name is Abby.  She is proof that you don't have to be an only child to be spoiled.  But at the same time is a very content little girl.  She will play alone in her room for hours.  She is creative and funny and imaginative.  I love her.

This is Alex.  He is a survivor.  He is smart and would blossom if given the chance to learn.  Alex smiles even though every earthly instinct says he should shut down and protect himself from anymore hurt.  Alex has not had the carefree childhood that my sister has had.  He is an orphan.  He is loved, but only by people living on the other side of the world.

Alex and Abby have a lot of differences, but they also have a lot in common.  God has big plans for both of their lives.  That's a fact.  They also share a very important day.  
Alex and Abby are both turning five on September 25th.

Their birthday's are going to look so very different.  Alex will not be celebrating with cake and presents.  He will not have a family singing to him or giving him hugs and kisses.  And that breaks my heart.  While I am hugging and kissing my baby sister I can't help but remember that my boy is alone.  

Not only that, but on Sept. 25, he will be a big step closer to Transfer.

Alex is an orphan.  He has CP.  He lives in Eastern Europe.
He is turning five.

At age 5 children 'age out' of their Baby Orphanages.  If they have Special needs they are transferred to a mental institute.  A mental institute.  Because of the lack of resources and education, children like Alex who are not able to get up and walk around are left in their cribs all day.  It is called being bedridden. 

He will go from this:

To This:

{Note, Alex does not live in the country featured in this movie.}

My heart is breaking.  I can't sit back and let this happen.  Not without a fight.  Alex needs a family to step up and adopt him.  God has the perfect family for him.  I am sure of that, I have peace that there is one out there for him.  We just need to find them.  And in the mean time, I will try to help in a practical way.  Adoption is expensive.  Very expensive.  I would love to see his adoption grant raised to $2500 but his birthday.  It is at $1965 right now.  Crazy? Yes.  But so worth it.  The money will be used by that special family God has picked out to help pay for Alex's plane ticket and passport (Along with all the other little things needed in International Adoption) to get him home.  

Thankfully I am not doing this alone.  Not in the least.  God has laid Alex on Amber's heart too.  We have some fun things planned for this month.  Ways for you to help make a difference and win some cool things.  

On September 25th, I want to hug my sister knowing I did all I could to help Alex have an awesome fifth birthday.  We are going to celebrate Alex's LIFE in style!!

Keep your eyes and ears open, you will be hearing more about Alex's birthday celebration SOON!

Aug 30, 2011

Court Date

September 27th.
We finally have a date.  It is much later then we were expecting, but at least it is a date!

We are missing G but it helps to know that she is in a good place.  She has someone we trust looking out for her and is loving her summer.  She has been here at there at beaches and swimming pools and water falls all summer.  I'm pretty sure we are missing her more then she is missing us.  :)

I can't wait to finally cross this adoption finish line! 
{except, adoption doesn't really have a 'finish line'.  This is going to be a crazy journey!}

September 27th, come quickly!!

Aug 20, 2011


No words.  Just sleep.

And this cute picture of Micah.

So thankful that the Weimans trusted me with their kids the last 3 weeks.
So thankful that we all survived.

Aug 14, 2011

Sometimes I hang out with cool kids.

Sometimes I hang out with cool kids.

And sometimes these cool kids play church/wedding/dance party.

Sometimes they make me laugh a lot.

Like when they dance (or throw monkeys at my camera).  I die.  
How can kids be this cute??  It should be illegal.

And the fact that they love their new sister so much just melts my heart.
They pray for her and are constantly talking about her.
They can't wait to have her home and have been so great with having their parents gone.
They wanted to send a little message to their parents all the way in Eastern Europe.

I love technology! 

And sometimes we go to the zoo in the pouring rain. 
Which is a memory and a half.

So thankful for these kids.

Aug 9, 2011




Noun: A person who pleads for or in behalf of another

These last few days my heart has been heavy for my babies. They are waiting.  That is all they are doing, waiting.  Waiting for a family (Or single mom) to take the leap of faith and bring them home.  I have been having weird dreams and I can't get their faces out of my mind.   And because I am their advocate, their voice, (and because it has been far to long since their faces have been posted on this blog) I am going to do a little update on each of them.

(See posts about Alex HERE)

Alex is 4 (almost 5) and was born with Cerebral Palsay and a heart murmur.  He lives in an Eastern European country (for privacy reasons I can not say where) and is waiting for a family.

I have been Alex's warrior (Advocate) for 7 months.  In those 7 months I have been able to connect with an awesome group of people who also love Alex.  It really is so encouraging to know there are many people praying for him.  He is a very loved little boy, he just doesn't know it yet!!   His grant has gone up from $0 to $1633.50!!  I would love to see his grant fund go up to $2000 by his birthday.  That is only $367 away!!!  More about Alex and his birthday to come..

Please keep Alex in your prayers.  His situation is urgent and he needs a family quickly!!

If you feel led you can donate to his grant fund here:
Donations are tax deductible and will be used to help with adoption expenses when a family commits to adopt him.  Already the money in his grant fund will pay for his plane ticket home to America (or Canada!!)!!  

Please join and share with your friends!

This is what his Reece's Rainbow profile says about him.

BOY, born September 2006  
Sweet smile!  Alex was born with CP.   Alex is a sweet boy.   He is described as VERY smart, and the orphanage staff desperately want a family for him.   He is not able to walk at this time, and he does have a functional systolic murmur in his heart.
Alex will remain bedridden when he is transferred to the institution.  Hope we can find a family for him soon!

Please share his picture and info!!!

Aug 8, 2011

Meeting Stephanie!

Note: I'm exhausted and all I can think about tonight is THIS little girl.  So please forgive this very non creative post.  enough said.

I have 'known' Stephanie for a while now.  I couldn't even say for sure how long.  So we were both pretty excited to find out that I would only be 3 hours away from her while in PA!  It worked out perfectly that she was able to come up on Saturday.

It was grand.

Not only was it a nice break from being with the kids (and the kids from me!) but I was able to have my first Chick-fil-a!  Of course those perks were not nearly as exciting as just being with Stephanie.

We didn't do much.  We talked and walked around stores.  It was so much fun though.  It took us 3 try's to find wal-mart.  This was try #2.  Okay then.

I love Stephanie.  She is so sweet.  I'm so happy to know her.

Thank you Stephanie for the awesome day!!

Aug 5, 2011

Pennsylvania is warm.

Pennsylvania is warm.  Really, Really warm.  Maybe even hot.  Sure it is cool compared to other places in the country but compared to where I live?  It is hot.  But not too hot.  Well maybe a little too hot some days.  But mostly it is just a nice comfortable *I'm so happy it's warm enough to wear shorts!!* kind of weather.  And some days I even sweat.  Ahem.

This morning it wasn't really hot.  So we braved the walk to the park.  It was a hit and it was good to get out of the house after all the excitement of seeing pictures of Stacie (see last post).

Micah looked mighty cool in my glasses.  This kid is so adorable.  
Plus he is actually starting to like me.  Score!

Love these kids.

Before we headed home we needed to make a potty break.  
This is my "'" face.

outside the bathroom is a whole lot nicer than inside.

This next picture is especially for Matthew's daddy.  He asked me to take it so (in his own words)..
"You can put in on your blog so my daddy can see how well I rode the scooter all the way to the park and back."

So I obliged.  And posted this picture on my blog for his daddy.  

My work here is done.
Good night.

They met her!!!

Stacie Joy.
Read about it HERE. 
I feel so blessed to be apart of bringing this precious girl home.

I can say with out a doubt, that she is meant to be a Weiman.
God is good.

(For those of you who don't know, Stacie is my families "little spark plug", as my dad calls it.  Her face is the reason we started our adoption journey.  I will forever love her and be grateful for the part she played in bringing us to Jordyn G.  Right now I am here in Pennsylvania helping watch Stacie's new brothers and sister while the Weiman parents are busy finishing up Stacie's adoption.  Confused?  Me to.  But it all works out in the end.)

Aug 3, 2011

Canadian Smarties!

Yesterday the kids and I were flying solo for a while in between grandparents coming and going.  which means that after supper we ate candy of course.  My mom sent along Smarties for the kids.  But they are not anything like American smarties.  They are like M&Ms but bigger and with more of a candy coating.

They were a hit. 
 A chocolaty hit. 
(Aislinn, I'm not to sure how they ended up in the living room with them.  but nothing got wrecked so we will pretend that never happened ;) )

They ate the whole bag.  and were talking about how they need to start ordering Canadian candies.

I think it was a turning point with Micah and me. :)

I'm going to tuck the rest of the evening way back in my head and only bring it out when I need a good laugh.  Lets just say that things are a lot funnier after they are over and I will be just fine with never seeing another bubble. is a movie.  because it is cute and everyone can live with a bit of baby laughter in their day.

Aug 1, 2011

A little slice of Heaven

Meet Elijah.  Aislinn, I adore your son. :)

{I can't hear you!!}

{Noah finds this picture hilarious.}
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