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Noun: A person who pleads for or in behalf of another

These last few days my heart has been heavy for my babies. They are waiting.  That is all they are doing, waiting.  Waiting for a family (Or single mom) to take the leap of faith and bring them home.  I have been having weird dreams and I can't get their faces out of my mind.   And because I am their advocate, their voice, (and because it has been far to long since their faces have been posted on this blog) I am going to do a little update on each of them.

(See posts about Alex HERE)

Alex is 4 (almost 5) and was born with Cerebral Palsay and a heart murmur.  He lives in an Eastern European country (for privacy reasons I can not say where) and is waiting for a family.

I have been Alex's warrior (Advocate) for 7 months.  In those 7 months I have been able to connect with an awesome group of people who also love Alex.  It really is so encouraging to know there are many people praying for him.  He is a very loved little boy, he just doesn't know it yet!!   His grant has gone up from $0 to $1633.50!!  I would love to see his grant fund go up to $2000 by his birthday.  That is only $367 away!!!  More about Alex and his birthday to come..

Please keep Alex in your prayers.  His situation is urgent and he needs a family quickly!!

If you feel led you can donate to his grant fund here:
Donations are tax deductible and will be used to help with adoption expenses when a family commits to adopt him.  Already the money in his grant fund will pay for his plane ticket home to America (or Canada!!)!!  

Please join and share with your friends!

This is what his Reece's Rainbow profile says about him.

BOY, born September 2006  
Sweet smile!  Alex was born with CP.   Alex is a sweet boy.   He is described as VERY smart, and the orphanage staff desperately want a family for him.   He is not able to walk at this time, and he does have a functional systolic murmur in his heart.
Alex will remain bedridden when he is transferred to the institution.  Hope we can find a family for him soon!

Please share his picture and info!!!

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