Aug 3, 2011

Canadian Smarties!

Yesterday the kids and I were flying solo for a while in between grandparents coming and going.  which means that after supper we ate candy of course.  My mom sent along Smarties for the kids.  But they are not anything like American smarties.  They are like M&Ms but bigger and with more of a candy coating.

They were a hit. 
 A chocolaty hit. 
(Aislinn, I'm not to sure how they ended up in the living room with them.  but nothing got wrecked so we will pretend that never happened ;) )

They ate the whole bag.  and were talking about how they need to start ordering Canadian candies.

I think it was a turning point with Micah and me. :)

I'm going to tuck the rest of the evening way back in my head and only bring it out when I need a good laugh.  Lets just say that things are a lot funnier after they are over and I will be just fine with never seeing another bubble. is a movie.  because it is cute and everyone can live with a bit of baby laughter in their day.


  1. Oh My! But that video makes me giggle.

  2. Sounds like an awesome dinner! And that was a cute movie! :)

  3. I love every bit of it!! Chocolate candy and all!!!

    The video is beyond precious.....thank you SO much for keeping me posted on just how cute they are!!

  4. I just watched the video again. and again. and again.

    I miss my boys so much.

    Soon very soon!!! I can give them hugs and kisses :)


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