Aug 8, 2011

Meeting Stephanie!

Note: I'm exhausted and all I can think about tonight is THIS little girl.  So please forgive this very non creative post.  enough said.

I have 'known' Stephanie for a while now.  I couldn't even say for sure how long.  So we were both pretty excited to find out that I would only be 3 hours away from her while in PA!  It worked out perfectly that she was able to come up on Saturday.

It was grand.

Not only was it a nice break from being with the kids (and the kids from me!) but I was able to have my first Chick-fil-a!  Of course those perks were not nearly as exciting as just being with Stephanie.

We didn't do much.  We talked and walked around stores.  It was so much fun though.  It took us 3 try's to find wal-mart.  This was try #2.  Okay then.

I love Stephanie.  She is so sweet.  I'm so happy to know her.

Thank you Stephanie for the awesome day!!


  1. So glad that you two could meet. Keep up your friendship both of you!

  2. sorry to have been absent in blogland. I'm glad you're having a good time! the kids look so cute and I can't believe that Stacie's family is there right now! Ah!

    Your first chickfila. Congratulations. Your life is now complete. Its the best.


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