Aug 5, 2011

They met her!!!

Stacie Joy.
Read about it HERE. 
I feel so blessed to be apart of bringing this precious girl home.

I can say with out a doubt, that she is meant to be a Weiman.
God is good.

(For those of you who don't know, Stacie is my families "little spark plug", as my dad calls it.  Her face is the reason we started our adoption journey.  I will forever love her and be grateful for the part she played in bringing us to Jordyn G.  Right now I am here in Pennsylvania helping watch Stacie's new brothers and sister while the Weiman parents are busy finishing up Stacie's adoption.  Confused?  Me to.  But it all works out in the end.)


  1. Oh Joanna! We love you!!!!

    Good thing we can't confuse God :)

    Your last little bit gave Andrew and I a good chuckle :) :)

    I LOVE that picture of her. Notice the "bag" and "pear" in the background....


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