Sep 1, 2011

'Change' his world

See this picture?  This is Alex at age three.
That was two years ago.  He is still waiting.
He has had 4 birthdays go by with out a celebration.  Four years with out someone acknowledging his life.  This year is different.  Alex's life will be celebrated. 
 He has fought and survived for so long, he deserves a little loving this year. 

Would you like to help?

We are collecting change for the month of September! 
Please would you help in honoring Alex's life this month?  It's simple..

1. Grab a jar, can, bowl, basket, hat etc.

2. If you want you can decorate your container in celebration of Alex's life! 
If your like me, your decorating skills are non existent.  :)

3. Drop your spare change in your container!

4. At the end of the month donate the money to Alex's adoption grant fund.
Donations are tax-deductible!  You can donate the money online or send it in the mail. 

That's it!  Super simple and an awesome way to make a difference (While celebrating Mr. Alex's birthday!). If you would like to join us in collecting change for Alex please head over to his F@acebook group and let us know you are joining in!


  1. Awesome idea :) We have a bag of change I have been carrying around in my car to "do something with". Now I have just the thing!!!

    Much love...

    Oh, and CONGRATS on the court date!

  2. I just love you! This is a GREAT idea and I love that you posted a pic of the jar. I was thinking we could have people post pics of their change containers on the fbook page just for fun. :)


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