Sep 30, 2011

Here I go again!

As most of you know I spent much of August with THIS precious family.  I was able to help out with the kids and babies at home while the parents flew over seas to meet and adopt their daughter.  I learned so much and am so thankful that I got to play a part in bringing miss Anna (formerly known as Stacie) home.  Anna has a special place in my heart and the memories I have of her brothers and sisters are priceless.

Now I have the chance to help another family in their adoption journey.

Remember Melissa?  My girl with the cutest noes known to man kind?  This girl blows my mind with her cute and her will to survive.  A fighter I tell you (She will fit right in with her new little sister!).

The amazing Calls are bringing her home.  And next week I am flying down to Utah to watch Melissa's sister for a few weeks.  Again I am blown away that God would allow me to be apart of this.  I will never get tired of watching families be united.  Never.  


On the home front:  We are so close to bringing our own Jordyn Gergana home.  Next week we will be getting her a birth certificate (After the 'grace' period is over for any relatives to step forward and protest the adoption).  After that she needs a passport and then we can work on getting her a Canadian Visa.  We are in the home stretch and can see the finish line!  All of this should take about 4 weeks.  All though it could be more or less.  We will just have to wait and see.  We are as ready as we will ever be for her to come home! I'm thrilled that after all this time of watching other families be united that it is finally our turn.  It's been a long year!

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  1. I love Melissa! And lucky you! Lily is SOO SWEET! :)


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