Sep 12, 2011


We have had a really cold summer  Really cold.  I was sure that fall had hit last week when, well, it got even colder out.  But God decided to shine the sun on us for a little bit longer.  This last week we had the nicest weather all summer.  Yes please and thank you.

Today the cold weather blew in.  Literally.  You should of seen the wind.  
Now we are back out of our, uh, bear feet and back into our shoes.  Sigh.  Now it is onto cold until May.  You just have to roll with the punches.  Welcome to Canada people!

It is September.  Last September I was getting ready to head to Africa.  How has it been a year?  Crazy crazy.  Last September we also committed to our little Georgia-Peach.  I really didn't think this adoption would take more then a year.  Sweet and sour.

Two weeks until my baby sister turns five.  Sob.  

The above picture is of her "mad spider" face.  Are you scared?  Because I sure was shaking in my boots.  Soon after this picture was taken she had me tied up.  Watch out for those mad spiders people.  They will be the ones to take over the world, not the robots. 

Eddie (My pooch) is pretty popular with the ladies at the park.  
He had them chasing him in circles the other day..  

They're pretty precious.

the end.

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