Oct 24, 2011

Dear Julia

Dear Julia,
October 22, 2011.  This day is a big one in your life.  It's the day you arrived home, forever. It is a day I will always remember.  A day spent at the airport welcoming you home.

The day seemed so long.  I'm sure it felt the same way to you, it will be the longest Saturday of your life!  After cleaning the house and doing some shopping it was finally time to head to the airport to meet you.  A few minutes before you made your big arrival, your family and friends gathered around at the airport.  Some had balloons, and others had presents...just for you (and some for your little sister, Lily!).  We were all so excited to meet you and were busy talking and taking pictures, when out of no where you came walking out, safely between your mom and dad!

The first person to run up and greet you was non other then your sister Lily.

She was actually more excited to see your mom, But don't worry, that soon changed and you got all the attention from her you could ever want!

What I wouldn't give to know what your were thinking!  There were so many people looking at you but you handled it all wonderfully. I don't think I would of reacted the same way!  You soaked it all in and hugged all your awaiting relatives.  Even though you were so very tired, you didn't cry.

You were home.  With your family.  No more orphanages for you!!

After tons of boring talk between the adults your sister convinced everyone to walk over and get the luggage.  You followed your papa over, all the while hanging on to your very own bag of goodies.

Seeing you in person, safe and sound, was a miracle.  You took my breath away.

Soon, you and your parents were so exhausted we needed to head home.  Your mommy carried you out to the car and you calmly excepted your car seat.  That was a real surprise since you have a deep 'unlike' for the stroller!  Your little sister chatted your ear off next to you on the drive home.  You didn't make a sound.  Finally we arrived back at the house.  And then you walked in the door.
 Sweet girl, you made it.  Your home.

10 months ago you were just a picture.  A picture of a little girl waiting for a family.
I think it will take a while for the events of the last 10 months to sink in.

Your wait is over.  Your family found you.

Dear Julia, on October 22, I got to finally hold you in my arms.  Something I didn't ever imagine I would be able to do.  I held you, kissed your cheek, and then passed you off to your mom.  You are perfect and so very loved.  Don't ever forget that.  I can't wait to see where you go in life, and believe me, you will go far.  Julia, thank you for changing my life.

I love you forever,


  1. This is so beautiful. I was in class while I read it, and I definitely got choked up. Thanks for sharing Julia's story with us! I love it so much that she is now home with her forever family. Adoption is amazing. God is amazing.


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