Oct 6, 2011

Oh Utah

I am here.  And the Call parents are on their way to Eastern Europe.  Today is mine and Lily's first day together alone.  It went just fine.  Lily is beyond precious.  So much personality in such a tiny person.  Plus she is adorable.  It even snowed earlier today.  I was oddly excited about it.  We ran out and played in it for a little while until we were wet and cold.

Actually Lily did more playing in the sandbox then she did playing in the snow.

And eating the snow was pretty popular in her books too.

Jumping in the puddles was also pretty fun.  Actually, come to think of it we didn't really do much playing in the snow.  

It's odd to be blogging about snow already.

Roughly one week until Melissa meets her parents!  After six years of waiting it is finally her turn.  I'll be honest and say that I am dying for next week to come.  Melissa is going to fit right in with this family.  She even looks a lot like her new little sister, Lily!  God knows what he is doing when He brings families together through adoption.

It's been a good day.


  1. YAY!!!!!!!!

    Have so much fun!!!!!

  2. I am so glad she is having so much fun! It doesn't surprise me one bit! She just adored you from the moment you got to Utah! :) Does my heart good to see pictures of her enjoying the snow. That's the one part of the process that still leaves me a little wrecked is waking up knowing that she isn't just in the other room. Soon enough though..soon enough. And then that pitter patter will be TWO sets of little feet coming to greet us!!! :)

  3. Great photos, Joanna...and thanks for the shout out about the blog!

    I agree with her mom's comments (above)...separating from our other kids during the trip to Eastern Europe is going to be the hardest part of this process, hands down. We'll get through it, though!


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