Oct 8, 2011


-left: Jumping on the trampoline.  -middle: Carli, do you like the socks I put on your kid today??  -right: "Thank you Joanna, Thank you for my surprise!!"  all.day.long.  Lily is so very thankful. 

-left: sorting beads by color.  Because I'm creative like that.  -middle: "I found one, I found one! Joanna I found a pear!!"  You know, because there are so few pears laying on the ground and they are so hard to find.  -right: enjoying the only 2 minutes of sunshine we have gotten all week.


  1. It seems like you two are having a blast! You are keeping her busy!

  2. Haha I do love the socks! Do you like that those socks are meant to still fit a 2 year old? She's such a little pipsqueak! :) Glad she's enjoying her 'jumpoline' time and still saying Thank You like a sweet girl! Bummer about the weather. It's pouring here too. Kind of complicates the walking tour thing. :) Glad to see her eyesight isn't failing her on those pears! haha I am loving it!


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