Nov 4, 2011

Oh McKenna

Please would you say a prayer for this girl? 
Her story is heart breaking.  She needs a family so bad.  
She is waiting in Eastern Europe.


This girl was born in 2003 by a HIV positive mother. When she was born she was diagnosed as an HIV positive child of IV clinical stage. From the moment she was born she took anti HIV virus therapy.  At this time she has zero HIV virus loading (meaning that a normal blood test would not even detect the HIV virus in her body).

Till the age of seven McKenna lived with her mother and thus she has all skills of everyday life as any home child does.

At the age of seven McKenna's mother died. She was then placed in a specialized orphanage for children of special needs. No one in her community or any of her relatives expressed the desire to adopt her or take her under their custody.

It was hard time for McKenna. The period of adjusting to orphanage life took a long time. Currently she feels comfortable at the orphanage.  She is psychologically steady and has made a lot of friends among the children of the orphanage and school.

The girl is attending classes in second grade. Her teachers characterize her as a very diligent, attentive, hard working, and very creative girl.
From what the caregivers told she is a child with a big heart, caring, affectionate.  McKenna is very tactful and polite with the teachers and caregivers and friendly with the children.  She likes playing outside, watching TV, doing things with her own hands. She can spend hours embroidering and painting.  This girl is very homey. She really needs a family.  In September 2012 she will be to old for this orphanage and will be transferred to an orphanage for older children (ages 9 and up).  
Moving to the other orphanage can be a great stress for her and no doubts it is a risk for her health condition. Many times the needed medicine to keep the HIV virus level low in the blood stream are not available at the older child orphanages.  She really needs a family.

She is available to be adopted internationally.

McKenna is listed on Reece's Rainbow HERE.

What You Should Know About HIV

- HIV can NOT be spread through casual/household contact. HIV is not spread through hugging, kissing, shaking hands, sharing toys, sneezing, coughing, sharing food, sharing drinks, bathing, swimming or any other casual way. It has been proven that HIV and AIDS can only be spread through sexual contact, birth, breastfeeding and intravenously (such as used needles).
- HIV is now considered a chronic but manageable disease. With treatment, people who are HIV+ can live indefinitely without developing AIDS and can live long and full lives.
- People who are HIV+ deserve to be treated with love, respect, support and acceptance as all people do. If anyone wants more info on transmission, there is great info on the Center for Disease Control website.

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  1. Lovely Girl! Thanks for sharing her story! Hope she gets a family soon.


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