Nov 9, 2011

Redeeming Aiden

Aiden.  My love.  It's his turn.  He has been waiting far to long to be claimed by a family.

The year 2011 is almost over.  Three of my babies have found families ("Melissa" and "Diana" are home and Alex has a family working hard to get to him.), Aiden and Baby girl Shannon still remain.  But now it's Aiden's turn.  He needs to be found.  And I believe that God can make that happen before the end of the year.

A few months ago Aiden was transferred from his baby home.  I was terrified for him.  He was so neglected at the baby home and I figured that being in an institution would be even worse. There is a missionary in his town right now that has been able to love on him a few times, and get pictures and movies of him for us.  Surprisingly he seems to be doing pretty good at his new place.  Granted it is not a family (not even close) but he seems to be healthy and is able to get around (definitely not the zoned out boy laying in a crib I had prepared myself for.).  He needs to get out of there though.  His 5th birthday is fast approaching and everyday his chances of finding a family are slimmer.   Not many people are willing to adopt a vision impaired 4 year old boy.  Vision impairments are a special need a family very rarely feels they can deal with.

“My friends, adoption is redemption. It’s costly, exhausting, expensive, and outrageous. Buying back lives costs so much. When God set out to redeem us, it killed Him."
-Derek Loux

The above quote reminds me so much of Aiden's situation.   Redeeming his life is expensive and would be exhausting.  Teaching this boy how to love and trust would take a long time.  But it would be worth it.  Don't you think?  How can you say no to a child when God gave everything to redeem us? I don't know if you can.

Do you want to be apart of Redeeming Aiden?  Here is how you can help..

-Please, keep Aiden in your prayers.  Pray that a family will find him soon.  That his health would stay good.  And that his heart would be prepared for a family.  That he would hope and KNOW that there is something better out there for him, that he would fight for it.  Prayer WORKS and is the most important thing you can do for this little boy.  Print off his picture and hang it up in your house, or put it in your Bible.

-Share his picture.  Do you know anyone who has thought of adopting before?  Have YOU thought of adopting before?  Share his picture, pray about it.  Maybe one of your friends is his family.  Maybe you are his family.  Either way, whoever his family is can't go get him if they don't know who he is.  There is a facebook page (on the right of this blog) that you can share with your friends on facebook.  There are also all of Aiden's recent pictures uploaded there so go take a peek at how handsome this boy is.  I most say, he looks dashing in orange. ;)

-If you can spare a few dollars you can donate to his grant fund HERE. His grant fund is currently at $296.  I would love to see it get up to $500.  But please know, that money is not the most important thing here. Prayer is.  If you feel led to give, please do.  But I am not begging for your money.

"I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you."
John 14:18


  1. Aiden has been my love ever since Andrea first shared about him. Thank you for being his warrior. He is so special.


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