Nov 6, 2011

Want to win an iPad 2?

Today I want to share two giveaways with you.  Both are raising money for amazing causes.  Both are just $10 an entry.  Both have many items up for grabs ALONG with the Apple iPad 2.  what's not to love??

First up is the Shpak family:
The Shpak's are adopting a little girl with Down Syndrome from the same country we are adopting from.  The things is, their little girl is ALREADY living in a mental institute.  This could of been a very real reality for our girl if she had not gotten the needed surgeries when she was younger.  The Shpak's need to work quick to get their little girl out of there and home.  The problem?  They need $5,000 before they can submit their paperwork to this country.  The money is holding up the process and it break my heart.  So they are holding a giveaway to help raise the ransom for this sweet babe.  Go check it out, help bring an angel home, AND enter to win and iPad 2!!

Go here:

Next is sweet Francine:
Francine is a precious 5 year old girl in Eastern Europe.  She has CP and is running out of time at the baby home.  This girl is adorable.  Seriously.  She caught my eye when she was first listed on Reece's Rainbow and I was thrilled to find out she had found a warrior who is fighting hard for her.  There is a massive giveaway going on (with an iPad 2 up for grabs!!!!) and it ends at the end of the month!!

Check it out here:
And to see new updated pictures of Francine go here:

Just $10 and you can help redeem an orphan.

And did I mention you could win an iPad 2????????


  1. oh you darling! thankyou for supporting sweet francine and the giveaway! xxxx

  2. Awesome giveaways Joanna! Thanks for sharing!


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