Dec 13, 2011

and there is also GOOD!

Along with the hard there is also moments of joy.  After my last post about the 'hard' of older child adoption, I feel like Gergana needs the chance to show her amazing side.  Because it isn't all bad!!

Today was a good day.  Almost no tears, no screaming.  My mom was able to connect with a few different people on the phone.  Having support in adoption is SO crucial.  Especially once you get home!!  So thankful.

Here is proof that today was a better one!

Yeah, I know.  My baby sisters are precious!

Thank you all for your kind words.  It will be a long road and we are as prepared as we will ever be for many ups and downs!  Eventually girly's heart will start to heal, and we will be able to move forward, TOGETHER!

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