Dec 9, 2011

First day of the rest of her life

Gergana's first day in Canada was a little rough.  She was tired and woke up super early crying and rocking.  Life here is just so different from what she has grown up with.  This is the first time in her whole life she has been in a home, with a family.  We understand completely.  The rest of the morning was pretty rough.  She sat at the table with her head down crying and not wanting to do anything.  Everyone tried everything to get her to engage, but she was just not having it.  Older brother, sister-in-law and baby niece came over before lunch.  And I think it was very good.  There were more people around and some of the attention shifted off of Gergana and onto the baby (which G eyed the whole time).  We sat down for lunch and eventually she quietly started eating her pasta.  And then our girl came back to us again.  Oh my word.  The change in her from the morning to the afternoon was amazing.  She was her silly sassy self again.  She also was feeling much more comfortable in the house, exploring and playing with different things.

We introduced her to the Wii.  She loved it and would of played more.  We knew she would!


It took us a while but we finally convinced her to come outside with us.  Turns out she just didn't want to go through the garage because the dog was in there!  She had so much fun but got cold quickly.  at least now she knows that if she wears her snow pants she won't get as cold/wet.

Her and Abigail (5) are so different.  Abby is our little cautious princess.  Gergana is all tom-boy daredevil.
So fun.


By 7pm she was ready for bed.  Her eyes could hardly stay open.  Poor baby.  So after a quick movie she was off!  The rest of us were not that far behind her.  This journey is exhausting!

Day one: complete.  

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  1. Great photos, great posts, Joanna! Love seeing your family pull together around the new sister!


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