Dec 8, 2011

First night with our gem

When we picked up Gergana on Tuesday things were rough.  We left the lawyers office with tears and she cried the whole 15 minute walk back to the hotel.  We understand.  Saying good bye was hard.  She was loved in her orphanage.  That being said it was a welcome relief when she let her inner spirit shine through soon after arriving.  Girly has spirit.  so.much.spirit.

Gergana wanted pizza so we ordered some up to our room.  Besides a few moments of grieving and tears (one being triggered by finding pictures of her orphanage director on the camera) she was pretty happy all afternoon.  She spent her time switching channels on the tv and playing Uno.

Half way through the afternoon she took some time to pack her things with mom.  We had a taxi coming to pick us up at 4am the next day, so we had to be ready!  She was very particular about what stuff went into the suitcase and what went into her backpack.  all though I'm not sure she understood the whole 'taking it on the plane' thing.  She was blessed with having a plastic bag full of stuff she brought out of the orphanage.  Some stuff (like a teddy bear) looks well loved.  She even had a toy that mom and dad brought with to her in May!  That is a miracle and she most of fought hard to keep that.  Stuff gets stolen and broken amount the kids all the time at her orphanage.  You go girl!

For supper we decided she was comfortable enough to walk down to Mcdonalds.  And it was a good idea. Not only did it give us something to do and get us some exercise, but it let her see a bit more of her country one last time.  She may not remember much about it but at least it will be deep in the back of her brain.  :)  I really do wish there had been some way for Gergana to stay in Bulgaria.  Not because I don't love or want her, not in the least!  But that is where she was born, where God put her.  I'm so sad that this world is so fallen that she could not stay where God's plan 'A' was for her!  On the other hand I am so blessed that God allowed us to be part of her plan 'B'!!

At Mcdonalds we had french fries.  
Bulgarian's never eat hot food so these very fresh fries were a little hot for her.

One of Gergana's favorite thing to do is take pictures of the TV.  weird I know.  But whatever. ;)

I love my sister.  I do.  but she is a photographers worst nightmare.  She is BEAUTIFUL!  Oh my goodness I just want to capture that on camera.  But she hates the camera.  It stresses her out so much and I'm not about to stress her out anymore then she needs to.  I took a picture of her on the airplane (hello!  Leaving Bulgaria and first airplane ride needs to be captured!) and she started crying and rocking.  
Yeah, no thank you!  So pictures are limited which is OK.

When it was time for bed she hopped right in and went to sleep.  
She sleeps like a champ and we all agree that she will be a girl who NEEDS her sleep.  Hah.

It was a short sleep as we had to wake up early the next morning!


  1. Joanna, thanks for sharing your story -- we will show these posts to our kids so they might have a little bit of an idea of what it will be like to pick up Alex. You're a great chronicler! Keep it up! We'd love to hear the rest of her story....

  2. Joanna - I'm so glad everything is going well! What a beauty she is! :) This story is inspiring! Thank you for keeping us up to date!

  3. YAY! Love seeing her with you. BTW, I LOVE your attitude about her plan "A" and plan "B". I know not everyone sees it that way, but I agree entirely.


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