Dec 26, 2011

the simple Christmas

We had planned for this Christmas to be a crazy one.  After having Gergana home about a day we realized that that was just not an option.  The timing of everything worked out horribly and we had planned on having Gergana home much earlier. Thank you paperwork delays for ruining our wonderful plans! *rolls eyes*  So instead of the whole family heading out East to attend my big brother's wedding we stayed home.  Well, Gergana, Abby, Mom and me stayed home.  The rest of the family headed out early Christmas morning (like 3am early) and will be gone for another week.  Both me and my Mom are SO sad to missing the wedding.  *Sniff*  Gergana is worth it though, 100x over she is worth it.

Despite that this Christmas was still very special.  And very, very simple.  Honestly it didn't even feel like Christmas to me.  Not even a tiny bit.  But along with Christmas comes Christmas breaks at colleges.  Which means that older sister Joylynn and her fiance were able to come home for the week (before heading out East with the rest of the family!).  Gergana loved them.  

We spent the week hanging out.  Gergana is a nut and keeps us all laughing.  And despite the fact that she LOVES watching movies and looking at pictures of herself, she continues to hide from the camera.  
She is one confusing kid.

Our beloved rice box has been a big hit this last week.  It is the one thing that Gergana will actually sit down and play with.  She will literally play with it for hours.  The one day we actually had all 3 littles (ages 10, 9 and 5) playing in it at one time.

Baby niece was over a few times this week.  It has been cool seeing Gergana warm up to her.  I'm sure she has not been around babies that much since she her self was in the baby orphanage.  She will now walk up to Ava and rub her head.  Progress!

Joylynn and Josh are getting married in June!

L-R. Dad, Me, Julissa (14), Mom, Gergana (9), Abby(5), Joylynn, Joshua(10), Josh, Justin, Sunnie, Ava.

Missing oldest brother Jeremy (who is getting married this week!).  This picture is as good as it gets for us!

I'm starting to think these two looks a like!

Gergana got a sled for Christmas and has really enjoyed that.  She loves sledding.

I really can't wait for next Christmas when she understands more about what is happening! 

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