Dec 19, 2011


This girl is slowly coming alive.  It is amazing to see the change in her from when we first came home.  It's slow progress but we are seeing progress.  Breakdowns are few and far between.  We had another big breakdown a few days ago but we have had non since then.  She is obviously testing boundaries and has a few behaviors that will need to be re-trained (nothing major and that will come as her English increases.).

But we have already seen changes in her.  
-She no longer asks to call her orphanage director on the phone.
-She only asks to go back to Bulgaria when she is mad.
-She talks about her friends without getting upset.
-She found some pictures on the camera today from Bulgaria and instead of breaking down, proudly showed me the pictures.
-She is no longer terrified of the dog.  Praise God.
-She changes her clothes(!).  She wouldn't even take off her socks 2 weeks ago.

All of those things were major issues two weeks ago.  We still have a ways to go but it is cool to take the time and notice the small things.  We will make it.

She is such a good kid and just all around amazing.  Gergana is full of spirit.  I'm positive that that is how she has survived all these years in the orphanages (especially her last one where she held her own among all the boys.).  She stands her ground and is very feisty.   She also is so incredibly funny.  And dramatic.  She keeps all of us laughing.  5 minutes in the same room with her and you would agree with me on that.  Her favorite thing to do right now is follow you around copying what you say.  Typical 9 year old. ;)  makes it even funnier because she has no idea what we are saying and most of the words come out mumbled.  Girl is crazy.

She is gorgeous.  Her eyes are killer.  She hates pink and anything girly.  She went through her closet and got rid of anything frilly and pink.  Right down to the socks.  That's fine with us.

She still hates having her picture taken but doesn't break into tears anymore if she sees the camera.  I'm sure that soon she will be fine with it.  She has only been with us 2 weeks and has already come so far.

I love her to pieces.  I still can't believe she is here.  That I could go upstairs right now and kiss her on the cheek (even though she is sleeping.  Girlfriend sleeps like a rock!).  When I look at her I don't see 'Orphan', 'Older child', 'Special needs', '30k in adoption fees' or 'Roma heritage'.  I just see Gergana.  And I don't understand how there can be millions of children just like her in this world.  And we just sit back and enjoy our little lives. 

 Because, She isn't our problem, Right?

We live in a very broken but beautiful world.

So blessed to be Gergana's sister.  So heart broken for the ones left behind.

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  1. What a wonderful sister you are! The love of God shed abroad in your heart is touching and joyous!
    Will pray for your little ones.


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