Dec 3, 2011

Travel and first day in Bulgaria

We had a very short amount of time to get ready for this trip.  We found out we could travel Tuesday morning and by Wednesday morning we were on our way to the airport.  Because of how close we are to Christmas, affordable flights were in short supply.  So even though we flew out of Canada on Wednesday we will not be able to pick of Gergana until Tuesday, and then we are flying out the next day.  Even though our itinerary is not ideal the end goal is still the same, and that is all that matters!

  We arrived at the airport in plenty of time and our flights went smoothly.  It really was so weird traveling with another person, especially with my parents!  I'm so used to flying by myself.

Because of some delays back in Canada we didn't have much time to make our connection in Frankfurt.  But we made it, even if we were one of the last 5 people to make it on to {our own private} shuttle bus.

We landed in Sophia at about 3pm.  It was crazy landing here.  Everything is written in Cyrillic and it is just so different.  It feels so familiar but not all at the same time.  I always find it so hard to explain an experience like this.  How do you express in writing all that you see, smell and hear in another country?  Everything is very much like what you would expect in an Eastern Europe country like Bulgaria.  Bulgaria has actually only been out of Communism since 1991.

Once we got back to our hotel we freshened up a little and then headed out walking.  Our hotel is right near down town Sofia so we can walk just about anywhere.  I loved it.  It is beautiful here and the people are beautiful and I just love experience Gergana's country.  Basically it is wonderful. 

Above is an old church we went into.  It was beautiful.  The pictures you see of old churches with pictures all over the walls and ceilings?  That's one of those.  Everything here is old which I guess is normal for Europe.  Coming from Canada anything that is a few hundred years old is amazing to me.


 We walked to and visit St. George's church.  That church actually is old and is built on top of Roman ruins.   It's one of the more important site's to see in Sofia and we hope to take Gergana to see it on Tuesday.  Just so she has pictures of that because who knows when she will be back here.  Her name, Gergana, is a form of the name George too so that is cool.


Roman pillars!


In the evening we were able to meet up with some other RR families.
Do you recognize this little cutie???

It's Annikah Bedford!  And yes, she is just as precious as she looks.  We also got to meet the Davis family with their adorable Jordon and Meredeth Cornish (minus her cute kids sadly.).  It was great and I'm so glad we got to meet up with them.

By the end of supper we were all pretty tired.  So we took a cab back to the hotel and crashed.  I slept right through the night but mom and dad were up with the mighty jet lag for a while.  Today was an adventure of it's own but that will have to wait.  It is late and I'm getting tired.

We had an awesome supper guest tonight, and let me just say, I CAN'T wait to meet miss Gergana on Tuesday!  The next 3 days will go fast, but not near fast enought!

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  1. For some reason reading this post just made me want to cry!! I am beyond excited for you all...I can't wait to read and see your adventures for the rest of your trip!!
    Hugs and Love :)
    the Weiman clan


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