Jan 23, 2012

an adoption clinic // a monkey girl

This morning started early.  Way to early in my opinion.  Gergana had an appointment at an adoption clinic in the city near here and we had heard that parking was an issue in that area of town, so we left giving ourselves plenty of time to get there.  Gergana is so funny in the morning when she is waking up.  She makes so much noise and usually just falls back to sleep.  So the entire drive was spent with Gergana getting some extra shut eye.  Poor girl woke up as we were entering the city and you could tell she had so much nervous energy.  She has been telling us for a week now that she didn't want any needles.  And we really couldn't tell her that she would not be getting any (because the reality is that she WILL need a ton of blood work done soon.).  So she was scared silly.  Understandably.  She is funny though, because she will be freaked out one minute and then will go goofy again.  She is kind of confusing like that.

We waited for about half an hour before the doctor came in.  As soon as the doctor came Gergana calmed down.  I love the Dr.  She was great with Gergana.  We sat and talked about everything.  Behavior issues, eating issues, what she was like in Bulgaria etc.  She (the Dr.) was very thorough about all of that.  And the best part?  It seems we are on the right track to success.  Gergana is attaching well and adjusting to life here in Canada as well as can be expected.  Of course she has only been home 6 weeks compared to her 9 YEARS in orphanages in Bulgaria.  But we are not seeing any red flags...for anything.  Praise God!

On the physical front, Gergana is healthy.  I haven't talked about it to much here, but Gergana is diagnosed with Hydrocephalus (water on the brain).  It wasn't found out until she was 4 years old which is actually a good sign that it wasn't so severe.  She had a shunt placed (a tube that drains the extra fluid from her brain to her abdomen cavity) thanks to an amazing organization serving Bulgarian orphans.  She has been fine ever since.  According to the doctor today she shouldn't be having any problems.  We will be seeing a specialist just in case though, and just to have all our bases covered if we ever run into an emergency.  She is skinny and needs to get more calcium but is healthy.  She has appointments for her Eyes and Ears to be checked out, we are working on getting plans in place for her [badly] rotting teeth, and will need to tackle the dreaded blood work (That we decided not to do today) sometime soon.  Pray for us.  Hah.


Gergana slept most of the ride back home.  So we decided that in order to have any chance of having G sleep tonight we needed to go outside and get some exercise.  Thankfully it was a nice day and everyone was down with a trip to the park.

Abigail (age 5) was just so yummy today.  I don't know what it was, but I couldn't help giving her a few extra kisses.  It doesn't help that she is a monkey these days.  Anyone who knows Ab knows that she has an amazing imagination, and that she often turns into an animal for days on end.  Right now she happens to be a monkey.  I'm thinking it may have something to do with her new hat.
Just a guess though.

The below movie might be a tad boring for anyone who is not related to this baby.
You've been warned.

Now all the littles are safely tucked into bed.  Sleeping.
Amen and Hallelujah.


  1. Hahaha I love how terrified G is when she's hanging, and then turns right back into smiles! Too cute!

  2. And I must be related to your guys somehow, because the second video wasn't boring at all! :)


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