Jan 20, 2012


Ksenia.  One of the meanings for her name is 'Welcoming'.  I find that beautiful.  When God created Ksenia I'm sure he had big dreams for her.  Dreams of using little Ksenia to show the world what he is like.  To draw people closer to him through her welcoming spirit.

Ksenia was made in God's image.  God created her just right.  

However our world is so broken and sinful that the people around Ksenia did not recognize that special spark in her when she was born.  Maybe they saw it, but were just to scared to embrace her.  Maybe they saw perfectly well the gift they had been given, but just could not provide for her.  

Either way, 8 years later Ksenia is no longer living but merely existing.

In just one months time Ksenia will turn 9 years old.  Nine whole years have passed since God blessed the world with this precious gift.  The one with the welcoming spirit.  The gift that God had great plans for.  The gift that everyone forgot about.  The day will go by unnoticed. 

It breaks my heart.  This girl deserves so much more then life in a mental institute, to be forgotten.  She has so much to offer the world if she only was given the chance.  She deserves to be remembered. 

"It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish." -Mother Teresa

Ksenia is available for adoption.  There is still a chance for her.  But sadly, she is currently only available to Canadian families.  That makes it extra hard to find a family to step out for her.  On top of that her adoption will cost around 50K.  Such a high price, but honestly, Ksenia is so very worth. 
Please pray and yell for her.  She deserves it.

Ksenia is listed on Reece's Rainbow.  You will have to scroll down a bit to find her picture.  
She currently does not have a grant fund.

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  1. Oh Joanna, this is BEAUTIFUL!!! Can I repost it on my blog?


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