Feb 19, 2012

[almost] all together

Today we were celebrating a birthday.  And since the birthday lined up with college breaks, our house was a little full today.  We had [almost] our whole family together.  And it was grand.  When you come from a big family it's hard to get everyone together in one spot, especially when you start adding in-laws.  We have never been all together (we miss you Jeremy and Ashley!!!).  And the last time we were this together was Christmas.  The next time will be June when we have a wedding. 

we ate yummy food and a delicious cake.  All while admiring this child's beauty...
Isn't she stunning?  Her curly hair, her big brown eyes, her perfect complexion?  
Girlfriend is most definitely adopted. :)

This kid isn't officially a part of our family.  But he basically is.  
We all love him to bits and genuinely miss him when he isn't here.


Our whole family.  Plus one & minus two!
[I'll say it again...We miss Jeremy and Ashley!!]

Grandpa got to spend some time with Ava.

Big brother is getting old!

Gergana was so excited all last week counting the days until Joylynn and Josh came home from college.  Her reaction when Joylynn surprised her Thursday night was priceless!  She screamed so loud and then collapsed on the floor.  So, so cute.  She adores her big sister (and her soon to be brother-in-law!).  Gergana is also in this phase were she loves being picked up.  She constantly wants to be held.  Lucky she still is so tiny, or else our backs would be in agony!


We ended the day with a trip to the big sledding hill.

[Video by Joylynn.  Who I love very much.]


Gergana is in a funk today.  So irritable about the smallest things.
Prayer for patience for our family while we deal with her would be appreciated.  


    I have been following your blog from when your sister came home . We are adopting Ethan. I love seeing your sister's and brother on here , and i will be praying for you when you are in Uganda!

  2. We'll keep you in prayer, Joanna! And by the way -- our big sledding hill is bigger than yours! Except we don't have any snow to go with it. : (


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