Feb 7, 2012

Sweet Pea

We had a couple of really nice days over the weekend.  We were all thrilled.  A little old grandpa who passed me and Abigail on the sidewalk (walker and all!  He sure was moving!) said that this was the nicest weather for February he has ever seen.  If this is Global warming?  Break out the aerosol cans!  Just kidding.  Kind of.  ::ahem::

Anyway, we decided that the scooters needed to come out of winter hiding and be introduced to a certain little girl.  She was thrilled.  I have never seen her so happy or content as she is when riding the scooter.  Many times she would look over at me and tell me that she didn't have a scooter in Bulgaria but now she did.  Precious girl.  She even told me that Canada was "very very good!" when I asked her if she liked it here.  This is such a change from the child who came home 2 months ago.  It is so refreshing to have her settle into life.  If this much can happen in 2 months, just imagine what can happen in 6 months!  Or a year!

Sweet Pea from Joanna Rist on Vimeo.

The Bear hat?  CUTE and Gergana's new favorite item.
The missing tooth?  Did you see it?  Abigail lost her first tooth this week.  Oh baby, STOP growing up!!!

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