Apr 27, 2012

My heart belongs to a Boy

This four year old boy has a firm piece of my heart.
Sometimes having a piece of your heart living on the other side of the world hurts.
Plain and simple.

My baby.  My boy.  My heart.

See 'In my arms again' to read more about my African child, Elijah.

Apr 25, 2012

If I could just see you

Last night I rediscovered a song I haven't listened to in a really long time.  It hit me like a brick wall..all the emotions associated with that song.  I remember so clearly sitting in my room.  Wanting nothing other then to hold this munchkin in my arms.  The song was on a constant repeat in my room.  I wanted her.  I missed her.  She was my sister and she was sitting on the other side of the world.

[One of Gergana's referral pictures.  About 6 years old.]

Hearing that song again brought back so many emotions.  It made me happy.  We have come so far.
She is home.


Apr 17, 2012

Bring clean water to Africa

BAD WATER kills more children daily than AIDS, Malaria, Measles and Warfare COMBINED

In honor of 4 year old Joseph.  Vote.  vote. vote.
It literally takes 5 seconds.  And YOU are saving thousands of lives!  Yes, YOU!  Make a difference.

Go, go and vote.  Go save lives.  Just do it.
Vote for HumanKind water.

Apr 16, 2012

First night away from home (road trip!)

This weekend we went on a little road trip.  The oldest sister was graduating from college and the dad took time off of work so we could go.  We left at 5 in the morning Saturday.  Drove 8 hours and spent the afternoon/evening hanging out at the college.  One couple had along their baby but didn't want to keep her in for the graduation banquet.  So I spent the evening playing mom.  And came to the conclusion that I'm not physically ready for that.  Who knew bouncing a baby for three hours would hurt so bad???  My poor arm!


We weren't sure how Gergana would do this weekend.  It was our first time staying over night sine she came home.  Add that to a college full of people, staying up way past her bedtime, and all around not having any kind of schedule and we were very curious about how it would go.  Girl surprised us all with having NO issues.  None.  No over stimulation.  No break downs.  No tears.  There wasn't even any rocking at bed time.  She acted 100% like a properly attached family child.  

4 months home and we are rocking this thing called family!


We spent the next morning hanging out with the older sister and her soon-to-be husband (who was also graduating!) and then headed home.  Another 8 hour drive.  Fun times.


Sharing the back seat with these two is like a party.  We rough housed (yes with seat belts on).  Watched a movie.  Slept.  Read a book.  And a certain 9 year old sister got introduced to this song.  


I honestly don't know what we did before Gergana came home.  Our family most of been so..boring.  She adds so much spice to our life.  Having her here is becoming so normal that sometimes I forget that she hasn't always been here.  It breaks my heart to think that people are to scared (or selfish!) to adopt these children.  Seriously.  Is my sister better off in an orphanage?  What about her friends that are still back there?  They are real kids, with names and stories.  Don't they deserve to have a family, even if it isn't comfortable for us?  Our Bulgarian lawyer told us on Gotcha day that he was so glad Gergana got a family.  He said that no one comes for the older kids, especially when they have special needs.

It breaks my heart.


They love each other.  Really they do.  ::cough::  


We got home late.  The kids went straight to bed.  The rest of us weren't far behind.

And now it's Monday.  which speaks for itself.

Apr 12, 2012

Julia goes to school!

One of my favorite Ukrainian-American girls has started first grade!!  Go, Julia GO!

I can hardly believe that 6 months has already past since Julia came home!  She has changed and grown so much.  To think that a year ago she was just a picture of another waiting child.  Just another orphan waiting all alone.  The words "at risk of transfer" posted along with her picture.  
But look what GOD has done!


Head on over to Julia's moms blog to read more about her first day at school.
This former warrior could not be prouder!


Boy do I LOVE this baby!

Apr 7, 2012

Two sisters

NOTE:  Erin and Bethany have a FAMILY working towards adopting them!  Head on over to the Friedl families FSP on Reece's Rainbow to meet them!   http://reecesrainbow.org/33725/sponsorfriedl

 These beautiful sisters are available for adoption, TOGETHER!  They have the same father, but different mothers.

Erin is the younger sister (on the left); she was born in December 2006. From her medical records:  HIV clinical staging 4, delay of psychomotor and physical development.   Amissionary visisted with her in Feb 2012:   ” Pictures and words cannot describe just how beautiful Erin is!  Her eyes are pale aqua and shine…she truly is a beauty.  She seemed quiet and gentle.   She watched me with curiosity and the odd glimmer of a smile. When I left on the last day she was in the garden and she suddenly became braver and shouted goodbye…my heart melted and all I wanted to do was run back scoop her up and hold her!   I think Erin would make a truly amazing daughter.”

Bethany is the older sister (on the right), and was born in March, 2006.  From her medical records:  HIV clinical staging 3, delay of psychomotor and physical development, tuberculous primary complex.  Bethany also has CP, she is in a wheelchair and is facing transfer to the mental institution.   Bethany's CP does not affect her upper body.  It is URGENT that we find an adoptive family for these girls, before they are separated forever.  She is described as a very happy child, and is an orphanage favorite!

Erin is wearing a white turtleneck with denim skirt and pink tights, with pigtails. Bethany is sitting in a chair on the right wearing pink pants.  She is sitting on the right of the lady in white.

Please pray for a family for these girls.  The thought of them being split up (Bethany going to a mental institute and Erin going to an orphanage for older children) is sickening.  
They are listed on Reece's Rainbow.

Apr 5, 2012

The new pink hat

First off, isn't this littlest sister the cutest thing since puppies?  I love her.
Gergana has wanted a hat since she came home.  Whenever we are out shopping she asks for one and the other day we finally found the perfect one.  

And it was pink.


The new pink hat?  Absolutely precious.


Especially when her (quickly growing) curls peek out from under it!


This sister of mine is just beautiful.  I'm pretty much green with envy over her skin and hair.  She is also her own person.  100%.  I have never met a kid so ::ahem:: unique.  She has added so much spice to our life.


If she needs to have her tongue out to let me take a picture of her?  So be it.  At least it's a picture.
(yes, she is still super camera shy.) 



Please agree with me that this Bulgarian-Canadian is the cutest thing ever.  Because even if you don't agree, it's better to just smile and node.  Don't burst this sisters bubble, K?

And because she is a hoot.  Here is a movie of Gergana explaining a game we were playing earlier.  Her English is getting really good, I'm so proud of her.

Apr 3, 2012

"For my brother on Down Syndrome day"

In honor of these two beautiful girls...



They were born with a little something 'extra'.  They are perfect.  
I can't wait for the day when they can jump on beds with their very own sisters and brothers!

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