Apr 16, 2012

First night away from home (road trip!)

This weekend we went on a little road trip.  The oldest sister was graduating from college and the dad took time off of work so we could go.  We left at 5 in the morning Saturday.  Drove 8 hours and spent the afternoon/evening hanging out at the college.  One couple had along their baby but didn't want to keep her in for the graduation banquet.  So I spent the evening playing mom.  And came to the conclusion that I'm not physically ready for that.  Who knew bouncing a baby for three hours would hurt so bad???  My poor arm!


We weren't sure how Gergana would do this weekend.  It was our first time staying over night sine she came home.  Add that to a college full of people, staying up way past her bedtime, and all around not having any kind of schedule and we were very curious about how it would go.  Girl surprised us all with having NO issues.  None.  No over stimulation.  No break downs.  No tears.  There wasn't even any rocking at bed time.  She acted 100% like a properly attached family child.  

4 months home and we are rocking this thing called family!


We spent the next morning hanging out with the older sister and her soon-to-be husband (who was also graduating!) and then headed home.  Another 8 hour drive.  Fun times.


Sharing the back seat with these two is like a party.  We rough housed (yes with seat belts on).  Watched a movie.  Slept.  Read a book.  And a certain 9 year old sister got introduced to this song.  


I honestly don't know what we did before Gergana came home.  Our family most of been so..boring.  She adds so much spice to our life.  Having her here is becoming so normal that sometimes I forget that she hasn't always been here.  It breaks my heart to think that people are to scared (or selfish!) to adopt these children.  Seriously.  Is my sister better off in an orphanage?  What about her friends that are still back there?  They are real kids, with names and stories.  Don't they deserve to have a family, even if it isn't comfortable for us?  Our Bulgarian lawyer told us on Gotcha day that he was so glad Gergana got a family.  He said that no one comes for the older kids, especially when they have special needs.

It breaks my heart.


They love each other.  Really they do.  ::cough::  


We got home late.  The kids went straight to bed.  The rest of us weren't far behind.

And now it's Monday.  which speaks for itself.


  1. I love this post! Go Gergana (and your whole family) for rocking that overnight vacation. We still have lots of overstimulation, rough days and it's been a couple of YEARS for us. You're right though, it is absolutely positively worth it. Can't imagine if my siblings were still bouncing around from foster home to foster home...no, no, they're MUCH better in their FOREVER home, just like your Gergana is : )

  2. OH!!!!!! I LOVE road trips ...we don't get to often with Sophina now but when we do we have a lot of FUN!!! We can't wait for OUR 1ST ROAD TRIP with Ethan :)


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