Apr 25, 2012

If I could just see you

Last night I rediscovered a song I haven't listened to in a really long time.  It hit me like a brick wall..all the emotions associated with that song.  I remember so clearly sitting in my room.  Wanting nothing other then to hold this munchkin in my arms.  The song was on a constant repeat in my room.  I wanted her.  I missed her.  She was my sister and she was sitting on the other side of the world.

[One of Gergana's referral pictures.  About 6 years old.]

Hearing that song again brought back so many emotions.  It made me happy.  We have come so far.
She is home.


1 comment:

  1. YEP!!! ETHAN IS JUST RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER for bring Ethan home!!!


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