Apr 12, 2012

Julia goes to school!

One of my favorite Ukrainian-American girls has started first grade!!  Go, Julia GO!

I can hardly believe that 6 months has already past since Julia came home!  She has changed and grown so much.  To think that a year ago she was just a picture of another waiting child.  Just another orphan waiting all alone.  The words "at risk of transfer" posted along with her picture.  
But look what GOD has done!


Head on over to Julia's moms blog to read more about her first day at school.
This former warrior could not be prouder!


Boy do I LOVE this baby!


  1. Such a big girl! She's a cutie! : )

  2. Aww! Congratualations!! She's so cute. :)


  3. She looks amazing!! Her eyes have that sparkle that all little girls should have! It's amazing how much love can make a child light up in just six months! Yay Julia!


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