May 31, 2012

Do you See what I See?

This girl.  Do you see her?  Do you really, honestly see her?Photobucket
I do.  And I could not be more in love with that face.

Her name is Felicia.  I had the amazing privilege of spending time with Felicia while in Eastern Europe.  She stole my heart so very quickly.  I can't express with words how amazing this girl is.  

So I'll just show you...

Because of Felicia's cerebral palsy she only has 6 short months left at the baby orphanage.  In December when she turns four years old she will be transferred to a mental institute.  That literally makes me sick to think about.  Felicia has so much potential.  All that potential would be snuffed out if she was to be transferred.

Thankfully a family has stepped out in faith and committed to bringing Felicia home.  The Cooper family has already submitted all their paperwork to the government in Felicia's country and should be traveling to meet and bring her (and another little girl) home this summer!  They are an amazing family that are ready and willing to provide for Felicia and Michelle.  But the fact of international adoption is that it is expensive.  Really expensive.  And right now the Cooper family is struggling to come up with the funds they need to complete the adoption.

They still need $11,000 to be fully funded.  If they cannot come up with the money in the next several weeks they may not be able to adopt both girls.  Felicia would be stuck waiting again.  This time even closer to her transfer date.  The Coopers do not want to see that happen. They feel that God is calling them to adopt both girls and are working hard and trusting God to provide the $11,00 they need.  But they really could us some help.

Right now there is a puzzle fundraiser going on for Felicia.  With a donation of $20.00 to the Cooper's grant fund your name will be put on the back of a puzzle piece.  Together we can chip away at the $11,000 that is standing between Felicia and her family.  Please consider being a part of Felicia's story.

Go Here to read about the puzzle fundraiser.
Go Here to donate towards Felicia's adoption.

And above all.  Felicia needs prayers.  Prayers for her heart to be prepared for the changes about to happen in her life.  And prayers that this $11,000 mountain standing between her and home would be removed.

pray. share. donate.

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