Jun 12, 2012

The boy with the million dollar smile

Remember Alex?  If not here are some old posts written about him last year..

We all advocated hard to find a family for Alex last fall as he quickly approached his 5th birthday.  There was a spark about him, and many people were starting to see it and fall in love with his smile.  He was special.  Despite many people fighting for him Alex was not adopted in time and was transferred from his baby house shortly after his 5th birthday.  Thankfully Alex ended up in a wonderful institution.  Not a family by any means, but compared to where other children with special needs end up in his country, it was a very good institution.  Soon after a precious family from the States stepped up to adopt Alex.  It was finally his turn to have a family and be set free from the institution!!  I haven't written about that much on this blog.  It was their story, not mine, to share.  [Check out their blog here.].

But now[!!!] after many months of paperwork and traveling half way around the world....
Alex is an orphan no more!!

Please meet, Alexander Joseph!!
Alex and his sweet mama.

His new parents have been spending the last several weeks visiting Alex in his institution.  I have loved getting to 'know' him through pictures and movies [check it out on their blog!].  Every time I see a new picture of him it confirms what we all already knew, this child has a million dollar smile.  He has a spark.  And now that spark will have a chance to blossom and grow, not be snuffed up in an institution in Eastern Europe.

he is loved. 

Advocating works.  These children are real.  It is worth it.

Thank you to everyone who donated, prayed, and shared about Alex last fall.  
YOU made a difference!!

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  1. Aw, thank YOU, Joanna. It has meant so much to us that Alex has been loved before we even were aware of his existence!


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