Jun 15, 2012

Mission Accomplished

When we [me and the adoptive family I was going with] boarded the plane headed for Ukraine back in April we only had one mission in going.  Get the baby girl HOME.  That was it.

Earlier in the week the mission was finally accomplished.
The baby and the daddy arrived home to Canada.  HOME.

Please meet...

Ava Tyeesia
["Kelsey" on Reece's Rainbow for anyone who was wondering.]

She was the reason we went.  It was for her, and only her.  She was loved and deeply wanted.  So we went.  We were there for 4 weeks before The Mother, Big Sister, and I had to fly home.  Each to our separate homes in Canada.  The dad stayed on in Ukraine to finish up the adoption.  3 weeks later, they are also home 

Big Sister, The Mom, Ava and The Dad.
These are the people I spent 5 weeks with.  So many memories.

I'm so blessed to have been apart of Ava's story.
Mission Accomplished.
God is good.

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  1. HURRAH !!!!!!! She is HOME!! Congrats to the adopted family :D Think of the
    transition for such a little girl ...I'm sure that the older sister is having a transition too for only being the only child. Tell them CONGRATS for Ava :D
    <3 Victoria


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