Jun 6, 2012

Six months ago.

Read more about it here, here, and here.

We woke up early.  So very early.  Could not sleep.  Anyone who has known me for a long time will know that adoption is something that has been dear to my heart for...well forever really.  So for me to be actually waking up in a foreign country, about to meet my sister.  It was surreal.  We got ready.  And despite that we were told "Don't come too early!" we arrived at the lawyers office before the actual lawyers.  ::smile::

So we walked around outside and waited.  Did I mention it was a rainy day?

[waiting for Gergana to arrive.]
Finally we figured that enough time has passed that we could head back up.
So we walked back through the little pathway and up those stairs.

I'm not sure how much time passed after that.  We got some paperwork taken care of and [finally] got to hold her passport in her hands.  We actually left Canada not knowing 100% for sure that we would have that passport yet, so we were thrilled to have it.  ::Phew::  We sat and chated for what felt like forever.  And then the phone rang, Gergana was downstairs.  And just like that, she was there...


After everything, she was there.  In front of me.  Real.  It still blows me away sometimes.  We signed some final paperwork.  Spent a few minutes alone.  And had some [painful] goodbyes.

Then we were off.  We took her hand and walked back down those stairs and out the door.  
We were alone in the big city

That day was hard.  The next weeks were hard.  Tons of tears.  Lots of confusion.  So much pain.

I'll get right to the point..  Adoption is hard.  Older child adoption is hard.  
That about sums up the next several months of life together.

When your right in the middle of blending your family through adoption, it's hard to see the the other side.  But believe me, it exists.  We didn't believe it when people told us that things would get better.  but it does.

Six months later...
The pure exhaustion does end. 
Hurt children do heal.
[aka.  less screaming, kicking, throwing etc.]
Life does start to feel normal again.
It is worth it.
[six months ago today]

That day was a big day for all of us.  It was hard.  And we survived.  It will forever be a bitter/sweet day.
God is good.

Some highlights..

So blessed to have Gergana home.  The fun far out weighs the hard.
Six months home baby, here's to another six months!


  1. "Hurt children do heal" made me cry. She's so blessed to have you as a sister, and you are so blessed to have her.

  2. Joanna, thank you for sharing tonight. When I compare the picture of the lost little girl on Day 1 to now, it is incredible. God IS good.

  3. WOW!!!!! On Saturday Ethan will be home for a month already .....6 months yesterday I started following your blog ......G has done a VERY VERY good job
    <3 Victoria

  4. Thank you for this...from the bottom of my heart. I'm learning this too, as we're nearing six months. It's a beautiful thing to see two families blended into one.


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