Jul 30, 2012


THANK YOU to everyone who donated, shared, and prayed for Kanani's giveaway.  
You all rock and I could not be happier about how much was accomplished for sweet girl.
I wish you all could of won!  I really do.

But according to the draw done today the winners are.....

1st place for necklace of winners choice from Vyara Designs goes to...
Valerie in TX!!


2nd place for HOPE+ necklace goes to...
Michele Murchie Howell!!

Congrats winners!!  
Please email me at: joannarist[at]hotmail[dot]com!
Again, THANK YOU!!

Jul 27, 2012

Last chance!

Kanani's giveaway ends Saturday!  Don't miss your chance to enter!


+make sure you let me know if you entered so I can include you in the giveaway.

Drawing will be done on Monday.

Jul 22, 2012

Miracles do Happen

Last week I felt like I was trying to claw through a brick wall with my bare hands.  
As hard as I tried, as hard as I yelled, I could not get Kanani's grant to grow.  
Her grant was stuck.  For days it didn't move an inch. 
And I was ready to quit.  I was d.o.n.e.  

But then it happened.  Right when I was ready to throw in the towel something happened...

It started with a $15 donation towards Kanani and her matching grant.

And then a couple $10 donations.

And a $60 donation.

And then, I refreshed my screen, and get this,

Kanani's grant had grown $700!!!

Matching grant had been met!!!!

Praise the Lord!

In just over 2 weeks her grant had grown $1,000!

It is worth it, it is always worth it.

And I can't believe I get to be apart of the miracle that is Kanani's story.

I am seeing it unfold before my eyes.

Thank you to everyone who has prayed, donated, and shared about Kanani's matching grant!  It has now been met.  BUT, our fight is not over.  Kanani has just under $400 to reach an even $2,500 (once matching funds have been donated to her grant.).  I'm hoping that the 10 for $10 (still have 7 bracelets left!) and Kanani's giveaway will help bridge the gap!  ALSO, Kanani needs a family.  Desperately.  Please pray for one to step up for her now.  Pray people, pray!

Miracle do Happen.  And I'm content knowing that God's got this miracle covered!

Jul 18, 2012

10 for $10

note.  Still have 7 bracelets left!

I am desperate.  
Desperate for Kanani's grant to grow and for her to reach her matching grant.  
Desperate to find her a family before it's to late.

We already have a giveaway going on for her.
We have a matching grant.
We have an auction.

But it doesn't matter, I won't stop until her matching grant is met.  I won't stop until she has a family.  I have met this girl and held her hand, I can't just look away.

12 Don't say, "But we didn't know anything about this." 
      The One who knows what you are thinking sees it. 
   The One who guards your life knows it. 
      He will pay each person back for what he has done.
Proverbs 24:12

So here it is..
For the next 10 people who donate $10 to Kanani's grant fund..
They will get a Ugandan paper bead bracelet for free.
As well as getting entered into Kanani's giveaway!
$10 for a free bracelet and a chance to win more free stuff?

So go donate $10..

And come back here and let me know!  
I'll enter you into the giveaway and send you a bracelet asap!

And just to remind you all....Watch this video!

Jul 16, 2012

Wake up to the sound

Be Kanani's voice..
-enter her giveaway.
-buy something at her auction.
-simply donate to her grant fund.
-adopt her.  email Sarah for more info. sarah@reecesrainbow.org
-pray, pray and pray somemore.
-share her story.

Jul 14, 2012

Win a necklace & SAVE Kanani!

note. giveaway has been extended to July 28th to give people more time to enter. 

My precious Kanani...
pssst.this is Kanani!
You can read more about her story Here and Here.
But the short version is this..
She's blind. Is 4 years old.  Is an orphan.  
And is in imminent risk of being transferred to a mental institute!

 ...has a $1,000 matching grant going on right now.
But we still need to raise $924 for her to reach the grant!

So here it is, it's giveaway time!!

You could win a necklace from Vyara Designs.
A necklace like this:
Kwagala means "I Love you" in Luganda, one of the local languages of Uganda!

OR this:

OR this:
Necklace can be customized with country of your choice!

OR this:
Necklace can be customized with country of your choice!

Winner will get to pick a necklace of their choice!
One 2nd place winner will receive a HOPE+ necklace!


How to Enter.

-Donate $10 (or more!) to Kanani's grant fund here: http://reecesrainbow.org/40592/kanani 
Remember, with the matching grant your donations will be doubled.  Your $10 becomes $20.   (1 entry)
-Share this post on facebook (1 entry)
-Blog about this giveaway (1 entry)

Simple, right?  But baby steps add up and hopefully we can make a big difference for this little girl!
Please remember to comment on this post to let me know how you entered!!

Let's raise the last $924 so we can reach Kanani's $1,000 matching grant!

Giveaway ends July 21.
Giveaway has been extended to July 28!


Jul 13, 2012

She danced

This girl has come so far since coming home.  Today she danced.  While I took pictures. 

Can I get an amen?

Jul 12, 2012

Matching grant for Kanani!

note.  Matching grant has been met!!  Thank you all for donating!

The other night I had a dream about Kanani (You can read more about her HERE).  In my dream I was at her orphanage and a van drove up.  The people got out of it and walked over to where I was sitting with her under the tree.  I was holding her hand and rubbing her check when they reached us.  I was so confused, "Why were these people here?  What did they want with my sweet girl?  They couldn't possibly be here to take her away, Could they?"  They ignored me as they picked her up and started walking back towards the van.  I was frantic.  I knew they would be coming.  I knew that she couldn't stay at her baby home forever.  But it wasn't right, they came to soon.  I hadn't had enough time to find her a mama yet.  I pleaded with them running back and forth between them and the nannies, asking them to do something, anything.  To just let me have a little more time.  But they weren't listening.

And then I woke up.
And I cried.

Guys, I'm frantic.  This is Kanani's fate.  
She will be taken away and left in a place not meant for little girls.  We need to help her.

Anonymous donors have offered a matching grant for Kanani up to $1,000.

We can not let this opportunity slide by without a fight.  If we can raise $1,000 worth of donations towards Kanani's grant fund another $1,000 will be donated.  This will give her a little over $2,000 in her grant fund.  And hopefully a family will soon follow.

Please donate.  Your donations are basically doubled.  Even $10 will become $20.

Donate. Help me save her.  Scream for her.  Please.

More then anything...
pray.  Pray for her protection.  Pray for a family.  Pray for the funds.  Pray.

Jul 7, 2012

Don't worry! You won't die.

Gergana's favorite phrase to tell you is "Don't worry!  You won't die".  She uses it all.the.time.

Gergana- Are you coming to the pool?
Me- I don't know.  It depends if it's cold out.
Gergana- Don't worry!!  You won't die.

It's hilarious and cute. 
I would eat her up but our social worker might have a slight problem with that.
Happy 7 months home sister!

Jul 5, 2012

Don't forget him

I told myself as I stared into his face, "don't forget this, don't forget him".
I was determined.  I would not forget that moment. 
I would not forget the little boy laying in a stroller in Eastern Europe.
The way he looked at me, the way he smiled.  
I was, and still am, determined to find this boy a family.
I won't leave him behind, because frankly, he stole a piece of my heart that day.
Meet Jacob..

He is so young to be listed for International Adoption.  
Jacob is only 17 months old, born January 2011.

He has special needs.  Cerebral Palsy and cholecystectomy (removal of gall bladder).

But when I look at him I don't see 'Special needs' I just see Jacob.  
A perfectly formed baby boy.

A baby boy that would bless any family.  
-He has an amazing smile.  
-He responds to his name.
-He can turn his head to look at you.
-He loves any attention but doesn't pitch a fit when he doesn't get any.

Boy, born January 2011
Spastic cerebral palsy, cholecystectomy (removal of gall bladder)
This little guy is still pretty young, a great age to join a family and receive therapy as needed!    He needs a mama to scoop him up.
Large families welcome, travel required.

Jacob is not in urgent need of a family.  
He is not facing transfer to the institution like Kanani or Felicia.
But, it would be amazing if we could get him out of the orphanage before he gets any older.
He would blossom in a family with therapy.  
What a blessing to his family to have him home so young.

Please spread the word about Jacob.  He is the perfect age for someone looking to adopt but don't feel called to adopt an older child.  His special needs are also very do-able.

You can see his profile Here.  You can also donate towards his adoption grant fund Here.  
I would love to see his grant fund reach $100.  Baby steps.

I will not forget him.  It's time to get this baby home.

If you would like more information on adopting Jacob please contact Sarah at:

Jul 4, 2012

This girl

This girl needs our help.
She needs it.

Meet Kanani.
I was able to meet and spend time with Kanani while in Eastern Europe.  I held her hand and rubbed her cheek.  I saw her legs that were way to thin.  I rubbed her head and felt her rough hair.  I saw her need.

And believe me, she has a need.

Kanani is scheduled to be transferred from her baby home any day now.  Children can only stay at her orphanage up to age 4.  Kanani turned 4 in April.  She is out.of.time.  The institution she will be transferred to is not a good one.  She will be bedridden for life without our help. 

Thankfully Kanani was able to be listed on Reece's Rainbow earlier this week.

Girl, born April 2008
Anophthalmos of the left eye, optic atrophy of the right eye, spastic tetraparesis
Kanani is at imminent risk of transfer!
Lovely Kanani needs a family to help her reach her full potential.
From a family who met her in May 2012:
Kanani is very sweet girl. She is well cared for in a good orphanage by caring nannies. She gets lots of outside time when it’s warm out but this time is spent lying down in the stroller as she can’t sit on her own. She can hold on to your fingers and seems to just love to have attention although with her eye troubles it is difficult for her to respond. She likes to have her cheek stroked and her hand held. She is quite stiff and in need of physiotherapy and most of all love and attention. We were told that she will be transferred to an institution very soon unless a family is found as children at this orphanage are typically transferred at age 4.  Large families welcome; travel required.

This girl now has a chance to be seen.
She has a voice.
She will NOT be forgotten.  She will not be lost.
Please help me scream for her.

PRAY- She needs a family and she needs protection.
SHARE- Please, please share her story.
DONATE- You can donate towards her adoption HERE.
ADOPT- Can you be the family to rescue Kanani?

If you would like more information on adopting Kanani please contact Sarah at:

Jul 1, 2012

Matching grant for Porter


He has an army of people praying and advocating for him.  He WILL be rescued, it's just a matter of the right family hearing his story and taking the leap of faith to start the adoption process.  Hopefully that will happen sooner rather then later.

In the mean time, a matching grant has been put together to help fund his adoption.  What does this matching grant mean?  It means that a sum of money has been pledged towards Porter's adoption grant fund.  The thing is that this money will only be donated towards Porter when the same sum of money is raised through separate donations .  So, if a total of $1,500 is raised for Porter through donations another $1,500 will be donated towards his fund!  Right now a total of $861.50 has been raised so there is still a ways to go!

If Porter's story has touched your heart and you feel like you would like to donate towards his adoption now is the time to do it.  Your money will basically be doubled.
 $10 becomes $20.  $40 becomes $80.  Do.it

donate here:
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