Jul 1, 2012

Matching grant for Porter


He has an army of people praying and advocating for him.  He WILL be rescued, it's just a matter of the right family hearing his story and taking the leap of faith to start the adoption process.  Hopefully that will happen sooner rather then later.

In the mean time, a matching grant has been put together to help fund his adoption.  What does this matching grant mean?  It means that a sum of money has been pledged towards Porter's adoption grant fund.  The thing is that this money will only be donated towards Porter when the same sum of money is raised through separate donations .  So, if a total of $1,500 is raised for Porter through donations another $1,500 will be donated towards his fund!  Right now a total of $861.50 has been raised so there is still a ways to go!

If Porter's story has touched your heart and you feel like you would like to donate towards his adoption now is the time to do it.  Your money will basically be doubled.
 $10 becomes $20.  $40 becomes $80.  Do.it

donate here:

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