Jul 4, 2012

This girl

This girl needs our help.
She needs it.

Meet Kanani.
I was able to meet and spend time with Kanani while in Eastern Europe.  I held her hand and rubbed her cheek.  I saw her legs that were way to thin.  I rubbed her head and felt her rough hair.  I saw her need.

And believe me, she has a need.

Kanani is scheduled to be transferred from her baby home any day now.  Children can only stay at her orphanage up to age 4.  Kanani turned 4 in April.  She is out.of.time.  The institution she will be transferred to is not a good one.  She will be bedridden for life without our help. 

Thankfully Kanani was able to be listed on Reece's Rainbow earlier this week.

Girl, born April 2008
Anophthalmos of the left eye, optic atrophy of the right eye, spastic tetraparesis
Kanani is at imminent risk of transfer!
Lovely Kanani needs a family to help her reach her full potential.
From a family who met her in May 2012:
Kanani is very sweet girl. She is well cared for in a good orphanage by caring nannies. She gets lots of outside time when it’s warm out but this time is spent lying down in the stroller as she can’t sit on her own. She can hold on to your fingers and seems to just love to have attention although with her eye troubles it is difficult for her to respond. She likes to have her cheek stroked and her hand held. She is quite stiff and in need of physiotherapy and most of all love and attention. We were told that she will be transferred to an institution very soon unless a family is found as children at this orphanage are typically transferred at age 4.  Large families welcome; travel required.

This girl now has a chance to be seen.
She has a voice.
She will NOT be forgotten.  She will not be lost.
Please help me scream for her.

PRAY- She needs a family and she needs protection.
SHARE- Please, please share her story.
DONATE- You can donate towards her adoption HERE.
ADOPT- Can you be the family to rescue Kanani?

If you would like more information on adopting Kanani please contact Sarah at:

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