Aug 30, 2012


We've had some excitement recently! After some tough fundraising for Jacob we finally met his matching grant!  It was so, so awesome to see people pulling together at the last minute.  A bunch of $10 and $15 donations later and we had raised $2,205 for Jacob!  Once his matching grant is added to his fund he will have over $4,000!!  Miracle. As a reward a bunch of people (who we refer to as Team Jacob!) agreed to take pies to the faces.  I got pied at the miracle $2,000 mark.

Notes about that movie:
1) I have no idea where that little goat noise I made came from.  I promise you I don't usually sound like that.
2) Whipped cream up your nose is an awful feeling.
3) It's best if the pie you use is thawed all the way.  Half frozen pies tend to not work as well.
4) My family has way to much fun with this.
5) I would get pied over and over for Jacob!

Check out the other pie movies HERE.
And check out Jacob HERE.

THANK YOU a million x over to everyone who prayed, donated and shared about Jacob!!
You rock and made a HUGE difference in one little boy's life!

Aug 19, 2012

Team Jacob gets pied & a GIVEAWAY

Jacob's matching grant has been met!!  We raised $2,205 dollars in just over 3 weeks.  Once his matching funds are donated to his grant he will have OVER $4,000! 
Jacob's grant is currently at:
$200.  $226.  $244. $254. $268. $280. $290. $375. $395. $417. $440. $503. $588. $598. $603. $621. $750. $795. $885. $903. $926. $1,002. $1,030. $1,053. $1,187. $2,224.
Donate towards Jacob's grant and join the fun!

When Jacob's grant hits $500 and $1,000 we will be giving away a $50 donation to the waiting child (or family) of the winner's choice. So not only are you helping Jacob but you are helping another orphan come home!  Win/win.  Entries are $5 each but the more you donate the more entries you get ($20=4 entries)!  You also can get an entry each day by sharing this giveaway (1 entry).  Note: Make sure you comment here when you have entered so we can include you in the giveaway!  I can't keep track of who has donated if you don't.

Jacob's grant hit $500  The winner of the first $50 donation to a waiting child/family goes to...Suzi.  
Suzi chose to give the $50 back to Jacob!  Thanks Suzi!
Jacob's grant hit $1,000  Many people have donated to Jacob but no one entered the giveaway!  So the $50 will be going back to Jacob!

Jacob only has until August 25th to meet his $2,000 matching grant.  That's a lot of money to raise in such a short amount of time!  But we won't give up.  A group of people from all over have agreed to get messy for Jacob.  It's time for Team JACOB to break out the...PIES!  We want to help baby Jacob meet his matching grant and have agreed to take pies to the face as Jacob's grant jumps over certain financial 'walls'.

So here you go, meet TEAM JACOB!

Wall number ONE - $150 in Jacob's grant. Wall number one has been jumped!!!
Who get's pied?  Kalesha Wesoloh.


Wall number TWO - $279. Wall number two has been jumped!!!
Who get's pied? Cescha Hoffman.


Wall number THREE - $429. Wall number three has been jumped!!!
Who gets pied? Gina Adams Harper.


Wall number FOUR - $579. Wall number four has been jumped!!!
Who gets pied? Andrea K.


Wall number FIVE - $729. Wall number five has been jumped!!!
Who gets pied? Tink (Knights of the Round Table)


Wall number SIX - $879. Wall number six has been jumped!!!
Who gets pied? Melissa E.


Wall number SEVEN - $1,029. Wall number seven has been jumped!!!
Who gets pied? Kacey Morton Sims.


Wall number EIGHT - $1,179. Wall number eight has been jumped!!!
Who gets pied? Traci Knight Morton.


Wall number NINE - $1,329. Wall number nine has been jumped!!!
Who gets pied? Katie E.


Wall number TEN - $1,479. Wall number ten has been jumped!!!
Who gets pied? Crystal Williams.


Wall number ELEVEN - $1,629. Wall number eleven has been jumped!!!
Who gets pied? Jaime Vanchura (


Wall number TWELVE - $1,779. Wall number twelve has been jumped!!!
Who gets pied? Reed and Lena Parker.
(Reed and Lena were both Reece's Rainbow babies and came home to their family through adoption!  Go read more and see some super cute pie pictures on their mom's blog! )


Wall number THIRTEEN - $1,929. Wall number thirteen has been jumped!!!
Who gets pied? Colleen N.


Wall number FOURTEEN - $2,079. Wall number fourteen has been jumped!!!
Who gets pied?  Joanna R (Me!) and Kindall.

Aug 14, 2012

This life

The other week Gergana got to experience kittens and horse back riding for the first time. Gergana has always loved cats and just like we thought, was so excited to see all the kittens.  She has a very low pain tolerance so their little nails weren't so fun in her opinion.  But she suffered through the pain and got some good kitten play in.  She really seems to love animals when she knows they are 'safe'.  Abby latched on to an orange kitten she named Bella and turned the poor fluff ball into a baby.  We had to pry that cat out of her arms when it was time to leave.

After playing with all the kittens it was time for some horseback riding.  It was Josh, Gergana and Abigail's first time on a horse.  Gergana was very unsure.  She did not want to get on that horse and was pretty scared.  We know her though and knew that she would love it if she just got on it and tried it out.  We kept telling her, "Yes it might be scary, but scary isn't bad.".  Finally we gave her a boost and she got up.  At first she was freaked out, the look on her face was one that only a sister can laugh at. But after a few laps around around the barn she was loving it.  She even got up for a 2nd ride later!  

It was one of those times that I am just so glad she is in a family that will push her and provide new experiences for growth.  When I think back and look at pictures from 8 months ago I am amazed.  The growth you can clearly see in this little girl is amazing.  Physically, emotionally, spiritually, academically.  In all areas we really have seen growth.  Despite the hard parts that we have (and still are!) experiencing it is worth it.  Everyday it is worth it.  I am so blessed to be living this life.

Aug 4, 2012

A Tale of Two Brothers

Once a father had two sons, both very much like him in many ways, but also different, mostly in the eyes of the two brothers, and they would often squabble.

One day the father decided to take the two boys swimming on a warm summer day.  As they swam and played, grey clouds started to swiftly drift across the sky.  As they formed, the two boys felt cold.  At the same time, the boys got into a big argument, after a while they were shouting at each other, trying their best to hurt each other's feelings, the older brother usually better at it.

"Come to me," said the father, two warm towels prepared and ready for his two sons all along.

The bigger boy jumped out and grabbed the towel right out of his father's hand and toweled off, smugly looking at his younger brother.

"Come to me," said the father, his arms opening the towel wide for the other brother still standing waist deep in the water, the air causing his skin to prickle in the chill, but the younger brother couldn't even look at the father, his feelings still hurt very badly from the older brother.

"No way!  Not him!  He doesn't deserve to come over here!" said the bigger brother.  He leveled his eyes with the younger, "Do you hear me, you don't deserve it.  Stay there where you belong," his words full of malice.

"And I don't like you, either!"

The older brother had been telling him that for years and years, to the point where the younger brother maybe started to believe him.  Maybe his older brother was right, maybe he was unlovable.  The younger brother started to feel alone and small.

The father longed for the little one to come to him, quickly.  He turned to the older brother, now dry and digging into the plentiful basket the father had brought for his sons.  "Son," he said to the older brother, "do you truly love me?"

"Yep!" he said absently, not looking at him, focused on what he was going to get. 

"Then feed my children.  Help your brother," the father said, pointing at the younger brother.

But the bigger brother wasn't actually listening.  "Yep, I do!  You sure know I do, I mean look at how much!" he said as he ate a chicken sandwich for all to see, proud of himself.  "Now do you see?" he said, grin on his lips as he flopped on his back, ready to relax.

Again, the father said, "Son, do you truly love me?"

"Obviously," the bigger brother said, annoyed that he was asking him again.  As he started to doze off, he didn't even care to look at the little brother, hoping he would just go away.  

The storm got heavier, and large waves started to roll, pulling the little brother in further.  The older brother didn't realize that the spot he chose to nap was the exact spot the little brother needed in order to get to the father, blocking him.

"Tell your brother that I love him, and tell him that I want him to come to me," the father pursued.

"That he's no good?  That he's bad?  That he's not worth anyone's time?" the older brother said sarcastically, even sounding mad.

The father asked the older brother a third time, "Do you love me?"

"YEEEEESSS!" he said, rolling his eyes as he tried to splash water in the younger brother's face.  He crumpled up the sandwich wrapper, and used it to hurt the younger brother.  It worked.

"Feed my children."

"Nah," he responded.  "I'm too hungry."

Aug 3, 2012

Quick&easy but please! please! please!

Remember Shannon?

She needs us.  She really, really needs us.

And I have a quick, easy, free way for us to help her.

1).Go to this (^^^) link. 
2).Scroll down the page.
3).Find Shannon's super cute face.
4).Click vote above her picture.

That's it!  Easy right?

Right now Shannon is slipping behind in votes so the could really use some help!  Please share with your friends and family.  If Shannon is among the top two on next Friday she will be able to be apart of a big fundraiser this fall.  It would be huge for her chances of finding a family!  
Please, please, please!!!!

It would mean so much to me and to this 5 year old orphan with Down Syndrome!

[Shannon's baby picture]

If you want to learn more about Shannon you can see her profile here..

Aug 2, 2012

Giant Ice cube of Fun

Water + Food coloring + Random objects waiting to be discovered + Freezer = Two happy girls

This my why I love Pinterest.

Aug 1, 2012

Matching grant for JACOB

If you don't know who Jacob is, go read about how I met Jacob in May.

I wasn't expecting to be advocating so hard for Jacob so soon after Kanani's matching grant and giveaway had been completed.  I really wasn't.  But God had other plans.  And this opportunity for my BABY love Jacob landed in my lap.  Beauty from Ashes.  Jacob has a matching grant.

My sweet BABY Jacob.  
He has been offered a $2,000 matching grant!!
His grant needs to hit $2,079 to be eligible for another $2,000.
August 18th is the end day.

I don't know if we can make it.  It would take a miracle.  But we have to try.  Every dollar we raise is one more dollar he didn't have before (and with the matching grant every dollar is doubled).  You can't say no to that!

Now please know, I am not asking for money.  Sure, if you can spare a few dollars and feel led to donate towards this sweet BABY boy, please feel free!  But more then anything I am asking that you pray.


Pray that God will provide for this matching grant.
Pray that God will provide a family for Jacob.
Pray for protection while Jacob waits.

Also if you could please share.  There is a facebook group set up for this matching grant.  If you are on facebook please Like the page and share.

Pray.  Share.  Donate if you are able.
All for the 17 month old baby boy that I refuse to forget and say no to.

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