Aug 1, 2012

Matching grant for JACOB

If you don't know who Jacob is, go read about how I met Jacob in May.

I wasn't expecting to be advocating so hard for Jacob so soon after Kanani's matching grant and giveaway had been completed.  I really wasn't.  But God had other plans.  And this opportunity for my BABY love Jacob landed in my lap.  Beauty from Ashes.  Jacob has a matching grant.

My sweet BABY Jacob.  
He has been offered a $2,000 matching grant!!
His grant needs to hit $2,079 to be eligible for another $2,000.
August 18th is the end day.

I don't know if we can make it.  It would take a miracle.  But we have to try.  Every dollar we raise is one more dollar he didn't have before (and with the matching grant every dollar is doubled).  You can't say no to that!

Now please know, I am not asking for money.  Sure, if you can spare a few dollars and feel led to donate towards this sweet BABY boy, please feel free!  But more then anything I am asking that you pray.


Pray that God will provide for this matching grant.
Pray that God will provide a family for Jacob.
Pray for protection while Jacob waits.

Also if you could please share.  There is a facebook group set up for this matching grant.  If you are on facebook please Like the page and share.

Pray.  Share.  Donate if you are able.
All for the 17 month old baby boy that I refuse to forget and say no to.

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