Aug 30, 2012


We've had some excitement recently! After some tough fundraising for Jacob we finally met his matching grant!  It was so, so awesome to see people pulling together at the last minute.  A bunch of $10 and $15 donations later and we had raised $2,205 for Jacob!  Once his matching grant is added to his fund he will have over $4,000!!  Miracle. As a reward a bunch of people (who we refer to as Team Jacob!) agreed to take pies to the faces.  I got pied at the miracle $2,000 mark.

Notes about that movie:
1) I have no idea where that little goat noise I made came from.  I promise you I don't usually sound like that.
2) Whipped cream up your nose is an awful feeling.
3) It's best if the pie you use is thawed all the way.  Half frozen pies tend to not work as well.
4) My family has way to much fun with this.
5) I would get pied over and over for Jacob!

Check out the other pie movies HERE.
And check out Jacob HERE.

THANK YOU a million x over to everyone who prayed, donated and shared about Jacob!!
You rock and made a HUGE difference in one little boy's life!


  1. I am so so happy for you & JACOB!!!!!!

  2. Aww! I love it! This made me smile, and I am sooo excited for Jacob! :)

  3. Awesome! (The goat noise makes me laugh!) :)


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