Aug 3, 2012

Quick&easy but please! please! please!

Remember Shannon?

She needs us.  She really, really needs us.

And I have a quick, easy, free way for us to help her.

1).Go to this (^^^) link. 
2).Scroll down the page.
3).Find Shannon's super cute face.
4).Click vote above her picture.

That's it!  Easy right?

Right now Shannon is slipping behind in votes so the could really use some help!  Please share with your friends and family.  If Shannon is among the top two on next Friday she will be able to be apart of a big fundraiser this fall.  It would be huge for her chances of finding a family!  
Please, please, please!!!!

It would mean so much to me and to this 5 year old orphan with Down Syndrome!

[Shannon's baby picture]

If you want to learn more about Shannon you can see her profile here..

1 comment:

  1. I voted for your sweet little one! Whenever I see "single moms welcome" on a page my heart skips a beat at the possibility...I'm not in a place that I can do it yet, but hopefully someday!


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