Sep 16, 2012

Where are they now?

Sometimes all the need in this world is overwhelming.  So, so overwhelming.  I don't feel like I can ever make a difference.  There are too many children waiting for families (just take a look at my last post to know what I mean. Thank you to everyone who prayed and shared those children!).  What's the point in even trying?  It's just all to much.  On days like that I really need to focus on the one.  The one child who found a family.  The one child who was saved from life in a mental institute. The one child who is now home with their family.  Because if one is all that can be saved, it is worth it.

So after some re-focusing I want to share with you some updates on several of the 'ones' that have come home.  It's amazing to see where these children are now. Worth it. Worth it. Worth it.

Alex. (See: The boy with the million dollar smile.)

One of my first loves.  He has been HOME for several months now.  All the prayers.  All the advocating.  The fundraiser we put on for him last fall.  This is the result of all the work.  A little boy playing and learning.  Loved in a family.  Medical care.  Learning about God.  Not a mental institute for the rest of his life.

Alex is worth it.

Read more about Alex's adjustment (and see many cute pictures and movies) on his family's blog:

Saved, literally, at the last minute from transfer to a mental institute.
Home almost a year.  Going to school.   Having her first 7th birthday party (in June).
Basically being all around awesome and adorable.

Julia is worth it.

Erin and Bethany. (See: Two Sisters.)

This is one update I am very happy to write.  Do you remember the two sisters?  They were dangerously close to aging out of their baby home.  Erin being transferred to an older child orphanage.  Bethany being transferred to a mental institute.  They would be separated forever.  We all screamed for them and a family quickly stepped up to adopt them.  God is good!  The family sped through their paperwork and officially adopted Erin and Bethany.  They are now named Leana(Erin) and Dasha(Bethany).  Leana and Dasha have now been home in America for 11 days and are loving it!  They are so very loved in their new family and best of all, they are together.  They are hoping to soon put a plan together to help Dasha to learn to walk.  Something that would never of been possible if she had been transferred to the mental institute.

And yes, they already know how to use their charm to get what they want.  They took a trip to the store with mama to get essentials and came out with new toys!  Making up for lost time. :)

Leana and Dasha are worth it.


Thank you so much to everyone who shares these children, donates when you can and prays.  You truly are helping make a difference.  These children are real children.  If you don't believe me just take another look at the pictures above.  They are worth the effort.


Updates on children who are not home yet

Pray for speed in their adoption process and that God would provide the funds needed to finish the process.

Jacob (See: Team Jacob gets Pied.).
His grant is now at $4,327!  Where is a family for Jacob?

Shannon (See: Sometimes.).
After almost a year Shannon's grant fund was re-opend to donations.  
She now has $1,694 in her grant fund!

Aiden's grant fund hasn't moved in months.  It is sitting at $1,160.  If you have facebook could you please go like his facebook group(linked above)?  My biggest goal right now is to get as many likes as possible on his facebook page.  We have been stuck under 150 likes for a long time now! Super simple, easy and FREE.

Kanani (See: This Girl.).
Kanani's grant is at an awesome $2,176!  This is amazing because she has only been listed a few months.  She could use all the help she can get though.  She has a very slim chance of getting adopted because of her special needs and age.  She is facing transfer any day now if she has not already been!

Felicia (See: Do you see What I see.).
Felicia has a family and is days away from flying home!  I am so in love with this girl and am so happy she will soon be home.

I've said it before and will say it again: Worth it.


  1. Have you ever heard the story of the starfish? I was just thinking about it, and your post totally reminds me of it(if you don't what I am talking about, it will come up if you google "starfish story"). Love seeing the ones who are now home, and that picture of Dasha and Leana is my favorite :)

  2. Nice, Joanna! You know what? You've got a little slice of heaven that you've opened a window onto here. Thanks for advocating for Alex...and all the children!

  3. Love your beautiful heart, Joanna...thank you for advocating for these kids and for updating us on their new lives!!

  4. You're so awesome. Love your heart, love your obedience, love your faithfulness, LOVE that you love Aiden. One step at a time, do the next thing, it totally makes a difference.


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