Oct 30, 2012

As the winds blew

"It's dark."
"oh sweet girl.  I know.  Our lights are broken again!"
"can you help me?"

So she ended up crawling into bed with me.  Not having a night light in her room along with the strong winds blowing outside her window was just to much for her.  And honestly....

I was glad to have her there with me.

Sandy hit us full on last night.  You could hear the winds get stronger.  And right when you thought they couldn't get any stronger, they would.  The house vibrated.  It sounded like the windows were going to break.  A little dramatic?  Maybe.  But it was crazy.

The power went out for about ten minutes at 6pm.  Right as we were starting baths.  when the lights came back on we sprang into fast mode getting kids ready for bed.  We knew it was only a matter of time before the lights went back out and knew it would be easier for everyone if the little ones were asleep when that happened.  Around 8pm the lights went back out and this time they stayed out.  After 16 hours without power we finally had light again!  Thankfully some friends were able to get us set up with a generator before lunch today.  So we are good to go!  So thankful for the generator, the power in our area could be down for several days and we did not have enough water or food set aside for that many days without electricity.  So, so thankful for that generator!

We are taking it slow today.  It is very wet outside so we are tucked into the living room playing with matchbox cars.  Thank you all for the prayers!

And can I just say, I have officially survived my first hurricane. ;)

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