Oct 9, 2012

Life with the Collins family

This is what a typical day looks like for us right now.  I'm writing this so I won't forget just as much as I'm writing to share the experience.  The schedule changes a bit from day to day (but not by much) and the list does not include all the hugs, kisses, screaming, fights etc that also fill up our days.  This is just a rough outline!  I tried to take pictures all through out the day to document what our days look like.  But lets face it, when you have two screaming kids and another four children talking all at the same time, your not thinking about taking pictures.  So use your imagination for the gaps. ;)

5:45am - I start to hear a little boy singing in the other room.  I pray he goes back to sleep. He does.  Phew!
6:15am - I grab my laptop and try to shake the sleep from my head.
6:20am - I hear little people stirring in their beds but I ignore it and choose more sleep over getting dressed and washing my face.  Seriously people, I look hideous right now.  So glad that toddlers (usually) don't care about how I look!
6:35am - the first little person comes to wake me up.  I quickly throw some clothes on and chase them downstairs.  The baby starts to cry but she goes back to sleep.  Two little people play in the living room.  Today they are playing with cars but usually it's the play food.  I attempt to keep them quiet.  I stay sane by counting our blessings. They aren't fighting and they look cute in their pj's!

7:00am - They are wide awake and getting noisier so to keep them calm we turn on some Barney.

7:10am - Little person #3 wakes up and joins the party.  The children's grandma shows up and starts making breakfast (such a blessing to have the grandma staying with us!  She does all the meals and adds structure to our days.  I'm not sure I could do this all day, everyday without her!)

7:30am - Breakfast for the little people and for me!  We don't usually eat this early but today we did!

7:30-8:00am - The baby wakes up and eats.  The big boys wake up and eat.  As little people finish eating they head back to the living room to watch more Barney.  Yes, they watch lots of tv in the morning.  Don't judge. ;) 

8:00am - I slowly get the kids upstairs, one at a time, to get dressed and diaper changed.

8:30am - Stephen starts some preschool work sheets and then heads outside.  The other three boys work on various chores and then head outside to play.  Me and the girls play and read books in the living room.

10:00am - I turn on a half hour of 'preschool' tv for Rebekah.  Usually a leapfrog movie.

10:30am - The girls head outside and join the boys.  Sometimes playing outside is calm.  Other times it is a little crazy.  Today it was crazy.  Certain kids were just 'off' and were acting out a lot more then usual.  

11:30am - we head inside for lunch. Lunch is noisy and crazy and it almost always ends in a screaming baby.
12:00pm - Lunch is finishing up and we take the youngest two up for naps.  Rebekah gets a nap on the couch and the older three boys do some more chores.  School work gets done and then they play games & lego in the school room.  I hide upstairs and check things on my computer and sometimes take a nap.

3:00pm - Babies start waking up.

3:15pm - Heading outside.  A walk by the corn field and then hanging out in the yard!

4:30pm - The children start going crazy and I need to take myself out of that equation.  A certain child has started to play with my sympathies to get what he wants and when he does that it's best to just separate myself from him for a bit.  Me and the baby head inside and pull out the wedgits.  Something she loves to play with but usually can't because all the kids fight over them.

5:00pm - Supper.
5:30pm - clean up and some chill time with the tv,
6:00pm - Boys start their evening chores and a crabby baby gets a bath.  One by one the children get baths, pj's and teeth brushed.

7:00pm - babies in BED!  

Big boys stay up until 10pm but use that time to play games with Grandma or watch some of their tv shows.  So all though I stay up until 10 to see them off to bed, I don't have to entertain them.  Besides keeping my ears open for crying babies, I am off duty! ;)  10 o'clock sharp my lights are out and I'm ready for bed.  Because as soon as I fall asleep I'm waking back up to do it all over again! 

Now, if you'd excuse me I'm off to get some sleep.


  1. Ethan has the same doggie pj's as the little boy ! YOU look beautiful !!!!

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