Oct 15, 2012

Reuniting with Vivvy (a piece of my heart)

It was raining.  My feet were soaked and the rain just wouldn't stop.  I love rain.  But as much as I love the rain I was frustrated that it was raining so much.  We were outside at a park after all!  Not a good place to be on a rainy day.

But then the van pulled up and the car door opened.  Suddenly I was doing something I had dreamed of doing for months.  And just like that, the rain was the farthest thing from my mind.

Vivvy.  Formerly known as 'Felicia'.  The little girl I met while in Ukraine.  You can read more about her (and see the pictures I took of her back in May) here: Do you see what I see? 

When I first met her she was just another orphan waiting in an orphanage.  At the time she didn't even have a committed family.  I remember so clearly the first time I met her.  She was wearing a blue shirt with a hood, the hood pulled tight over her head.  She was sitting in a stroller, but was the only baby outside and there was only one nanny pushing her around.  I fell in love with her.  I bent down and talked with her a bit.  And when  it was time to move away I whispered to her that I would find her a mama.  That she would not be forgotten.  That was May 5th.

Now, 5 months later, her mama was unbuckling her from her car seat and handing her to me.  For the next 2 hours I got to hold and cuddle with the little girl who stole my heart on the other side of the world.  unreal.
Today was perfect.  I am so thankful for the people who made this meeting possible.  When I found out I would be in this area of the country I couldn't believe my luck but wasn't sure how things would line up to visit with Vivvy.  I shouldn't of ever doubted, because things worked perfectly.  Despite the rain.  Despite the drive.  Sitting at that picnic table visiting with Vivvy's mama, meeting her sisters, reuniting with her.  It was all worth it.  I feel so blessed!
↑ Vivvy and her 6 yr old sister Michelle who was also adopted from Ukraine last month.  Precious and beautiful girls who have survived so much more then I ever have had to experience!!!
After about two hours it was time for us all to go our separate ways.  We both had a ways to drive to get back 'home' and had young children along.  And wouldn't you know it, but the second we started to head to the car it stopped raining.  That made saying goodbye bearable.  As the other two girls were loaded into the car I got to spend a couple more minutes cuddling with my girl.  

One thing that really hit me while we visited was that these children are so very real.  Vivvy was just months away from being transferred to a mental institute.  Precious Michelle spent two years in a mental institute while she waited for a family to step up and adopt her.  It breaks my heart that these children just sit and wait.  They are just children.  They are real children.  And they are wasting away while so many people in this world don't even know they exist.  Mixed emotions.
Finally it was time to hand her over.  Sniff.  I asked her mama "are you sure you don't want me to take her off your hands?".  ;)
Thank you so much sweet girl.  For inspiring me.  For teaching me.  For just being you.  I love you and am so thankful to be a {small} part of your story.

Feeling blessed tonight. 


  1. Ohh she's beautiful! I had no idea you met her in Ukraine.. so cool you got to see her again!!!


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