Oct 13, 2012

The end

No pictures today.  Why?  Because I spent the whole day trying to keep our heads above water.

The kids woke up 'off' and things just kept going down hill.  The baby (literally) screamed and cried all day long.  I felt like I was constantly breaking up fights and wiping tears.  It was so unusual for all of them. Things have been getting slowly worse this last week, but never this bad.  I think the children are just tired of mom and dad being gone.  The thrill of having someone new wore off and they just wanted life back to normal.  I can so understand and I don't blame them one tiny bit for acting out.  As frustrating as it is to deal with in the moment.

The good thing about today?  It's over.  We are done!  The parents will be home in a couple of hours.  Today was our last day alone and the children will wake up to their mom and dad tomorrow.  They have no idea what is about to happen and that makes me smile inside.  I hope I get to see their reactions when they wake up tomorrow!  We made it.  We survived.  It was worth it (did I mention that they passed court over in Eastern Europe on Friday?  And that one more sweet 8 year old boy is no longer an orphan!!  Yippeee!!!).

My favorite parts of our last.but.super.duper.hard day:

-Before supper Baby was melting down and I didn't know what to do with her.  So I put her in the baby wrap.  I figured that if she is screaming now, she might as well scream while being contained safely in my arms.  But instead of screaming she calmed down as I fed her pieces of muffin.  I am sold on baby carriers.  And baby signing. ;)

-Looking at a picture on the computer of the new brother prompted an awesome conversation with Stephen about family and how family never stops.  When he is old, he will still have his family.  The new brother will always be his brother.  Family is forever.  It's a concept I have tried to remind them of, especially since I am not family.  I will eventually leave.  But family will not leave.  Does that make sense?  It was awesome.

-After supper the kids were going nuts.  So we headed outside for a 5 minute 'running break'.  For 5 minutes they ran and yelled and got all their energy and noise out before baths and bed.

-This morning Rebekah woke up a bit to early and the rest of the house was still dead quiet.  So I pulled her into bed with me and we snuggled for an extra 15 minutes.  I am also sold on co-sleeping.  Seriously, who wants to get out of bed to take care of their children when they could have them right there with you?  Not this bed loving girl!

-Cleaning up my stuff during nap time and attempting to re-pack my suitcase.  Not exactly fun, but I had all I could eat junk food from my parents!  My awesome family sent me a package full of goodies and it arrived yesterday (I was originally going to be here for several more weeks!)!!  It was like Christmas.  New puzzles to do with the children.  Chocolate covered pretzels for me.  I'm going to gain wait with all this yummy stuff!  I'm actually wondering how I will be able to eat it all before I fly home, or not go over my 50lb suitcase limit. ;)

-Nathan was gone visiting a gma since yesterday.  He came home tonight and was all smiles.  Looking adorable.

-After supper was over it just hit me.  We survived.  Where did the time go???  Awesome moment.

I've moved out of the master bedroom.  I'll be sleeping in the boys room with the little guys for the next couple of nights.  I'll be here until early next week when I head out to visit a couple lost pieces of my heart for a few days. ;)  Then it will be time to head home.  Back to Canada.  Back to the cold.  Not sure how much I'll be blogging before now and heading home.  But I will for sure fill you in on this next week with pictures once I'm home.  This next week is going be awesome!

Thank you so much for the prayers the last two weeks.

Mission accomplished....Again!

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  1. HURRAH!!! Can't wait to for you to go back to CANADA !!!
    P.S. Tell us how the kids reacted to the parents coming home.


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