Oct 16, 2012

Trains & change in plans

I'm not heading home...yet!  
Adoption is full of twists and turns.  
And this twist is keeping me in Pennsylvania for another 3 weeks.

But since the parents are home in America for this week, I have been blessed to take a few days 'off' and visit with sweet friends.  Next week I will be back with the children juggling life but until then they are enjoying some quality time and I'm going to enjoy some sleep.  ;)  I took the train this afternoon (by the way, I LOVED it!) and am now safely in one of my many 'home away from homes'.  Being here it's like nothing has changed.  Reuniting.  Meeting.  Everything.  I am feeling so blessed tonight. 
I'm excited to make some memories and rebuild some connections.  Can't wait!


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